Why Do People Get Deported?

Deportation happens when the federal government removes an immigrant from the United State. It is applicable to both documented and undocumented immigrants with the basis for the removal based on the U.S. immigration law. You will get a chance to defend yourself against the deportation charges with the help of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles.

Knowing the different basis for deportation beforehand is a great way to stay on the right side of the law from the very start. The more law abiding you are the easier it will be for your deportation defense attorney Los Angeles to construct a solid defense against the removal.

Here are the top reasons why people face deportation
Violation of Immigration Laws
You will face removal if you violate immigration laws regardless of your status. Undocumented immigrants are the most susceptible to deportation. It is, however, possible for removal proceedings immigration lawyer Los Angeles to argue that there were plausible reasons that led to your undocumented status. If you win such a case, you will then be allowed to get the right registration.

The other form of violation is contravening your Visa regulations. A good example is trying to work on a tourist visa or student visa without procuring an employment authorization document.

Other immigration laws that are easy to break include:

  • Failing to notify the immigration office of a change in address within 10 days
  • Receiving public assistance before five years have elapsed
  • Staying in the U.S. with an expired visa

If You are Involved in Fraudulent Activities
Assuming you are in the country lawfully and you haven’t broken any immigration laws, you might still be in trouble if you are involved in fraudulent activities. Since this has to be proven, an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can defend you.

Fraud, in this case, focuses on what you did or do to gain your documentation or secure a green card. This could include

  • Marrying a US citizen without the intent of establishing a family together
  • False declaration of assets
  • Getting a divorce in less than two years after marriage
  • Misstatements in your immigration documents

If You Commit a Crime
Any crime is ground for deportation. The U.S. government rarely incarcerates immigrants. You might, however, serve a term in the country if your deportation lawyer Los Angeles proves that it is in the country’s best interests too.

Many misdemeanors and serious crimes can land you in trouble. These include aggravated felony, failing to register as a sex offender, domestic violence, fraud and moral turpitude. You can check this list of crimes or talk to your deportation lawyer Los Angeles to find out more.

Any deportation defense attorney Los Angeles will have a hard time defending you especially if you are a repeat offender. Staying on the right side of the law is the best way to avoid this form of deportation.

Getting a removal proceedings immigration lawyer Los Angeles as soon as you are faced with deportation chances increases your chances of staying in the country. You can even stay safer by knowing the basic reasons for deportation and ensuring that you are compliant from the word go. You can count on our removal proceedings immigration lawyer Los Angelis team to help you when need be.

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