Are you Looking To Become a Permanent Resident After U Status?

There are many different levels of immigrant status that the United States government grants. U status is one that is not widely known by many people. It’s a type of visa that is intended for people who have been a victim of a crime and are helping law enforcement and government officials investigate and prosecute the crime. While this type of visa may seem like a god-sent, to begin with, that can suddenly change when you think of your future. You may be wary about possibly being deported once your assistance has been given. The government can help to alleviate these fears by allowing you to apply for permanent residence.

What Is A Green Card?

green card is a prized possession for most foreign citizens that are looking to be introduced into the United States. While known slangily as a green card, this is official a permanent resident card. It gives you full access to work and to live permanently within U.S. borders. Many persons enlist the assistance of a vawa visa lawyer in Los Angeles when applying for a green card. This is because there are many forms and documents that must be submitted and a U visa attorney Los Angeles knows what they are and how to obtain them.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For A Green Card?

Any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can assist you in determining your eligibility for a green card. The primary eligibility requirement is that you may only apply after you’ve been in U status for at least three full years. This U status could be a U-1 principal or a family member. Here are some of the specific eligibility requirements you should be aware of:

  • Your three-year stay in the U.S. must’ve been continuous.
  • You must have not refused to assist law enforcement in investigating or prosecuting the crime.
  • You’re not inadmissible due to participate in the U.S. deemed incidences (such as Nazi, genocide).

Your spouse or family members that currently live in the United States can apply for green card status as well. This requires the use of various forms such as I-929. You should enlist the help of a visa attorney for victims of crimes in Los Angeles to undergo a request for green card status. They can give you more detailed information on what forms you’ll need to submit and what the requirements are for your family members.

What To Do If Your U Status Expires Before You Can Apply?

You may find yourself in the conundrum where your U status expires before you can actually apply for a green card status. Most persons granted U status are given it for a period of one to four years. During this time they’re allowed to live and work in America while they assist the government officials. Over this time period, you may find yourself creating lasting connections within the States. These connections may be ones that you wish to stay here and keep instead of going back to your native country.

With the help of a T visa lawyer Los Angeles, you can actually apply for an extension of your current visa. This extension can be granted for a period that would bring your U visa stay up to four total years. This is Form I-539 called Extend Nonimmigrant Visa. In these types of extension requests, it’s important to showcase why you would need the extension. For many, processing delays would have slowed your entry into the United States. A vawa visa lawyer in Los Angeles can assist you in determining the reasoning for your extension request.

Maintain Yourself As Useful To Law Enforcement

As you read above, part of the eligibility of gaining a green card status is that you may not refuse to assist law enforcement. You should maintain yourself as an asset to law enforcement and government officials. Keep good connections with these contacts as they’ll be interviewed as part of your green card application.

Do yourself a favor and keep a record of your constant communications with law enforcement. Your call logs, information on contacts, meetings, and so forth should all be documented. Think of this as proving your worth to the assistance of the government and law enforcement. When you can show that you’ve been proactive in helping them, you can up your chances of getting green card status.

What Happens After You Apply For A Green Card?

It’s highly advisable to discuss the entire process with a U visa attorney Los Angeles so that you’re physically and mentally prepared for all parts of it. In general, once you submit your application for green card status, you’ll receive a notice of receipt from USCIS. This is simply to alert you that they’re currently reviewing your application.

Once your application is reviewed, you’ll receive a biometrics appointment request. This is an appointment where you’ll get your fingerprints taken, your photograph, and your signature recorded. If any USCIS officials have questions regarding your green card application, they’ll opt for scheduling an interview with you. If you’re not yet fluent in English, you may bring an interpreter along with you to this interview.

Do You Need to Hire A T Visa Lawyer?

While not necessarily required, an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can drastically help to reduce the amount of paperwork, time, and stress throughout the application process. They have the appropriate knowledge for filling out these forms. They can answer any of your questions along the way which can put your nerves at ease.

Many may think that it’s too expensive to hire a visa attorney for victims of crimes in Los Angeles. The truth is that you must think of your future. Is it worth investing the money now for professional help to give yourself the best chance of being rewarded with a green card? If you want to stay in the United States, it’s likely that you’ll see a T visa lawyer Los Angeles as a necessary investment into your future.