Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case on California Sanctuary Law

The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from the Trump administration that aimed to challenge California’s sanctuary law. The court didn’t give a reason for the rejection. Only Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas were willing to review the appeal.

What is the California Sanctuary Law?
Under California’s state law, state officials are prohibited from informing federal officials about any undocumented immigrants when they are about to be released from custody in the state. It also prohibits the transfer of those undocumented immigrants to federal authorities. In other words, California allows undocumented immigrants to remain within the state and not face scrutiny or deportation by the federal government. However, individuals who believe they are being threatened with deportation should immediately contact an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles.

California’s Previous Ruling
A panel of three judges in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco had previously ruled, unanimously, that the federal government cannot seize undocumented immigrants to push its anti-immigrant agenda.

One of the judges who wrote for the panel, Judge Milan D. Smith, Jr., stated that California’s sanctuary law might disturb the federal government’s efforts to deal with undocumented immigrants. He stressed that at the same time, California has the right to utilize its policy. Under the law, if a person needs an immigration appeals attorney Los Angeles based, they have a right to one.

Trump Administration’s Appeal
The appeal filed by the Trump Administration stated that it expected states with sanctuary laws in place would cooperate. While Judge Smith acknowledged that many states would probably do so, California has the right to refuse and that the federal government could expect whatever it wanted.

The petition for the appeal that was sent to the Supreme Court, United States v California, argued that state laws conflicted with federal laws and threatened public safety. Lawyers for the administration claimed that there was a risk to the public when officers unable to arrest aliens who are in the country illegally ultimately turn out to be criminals. They stated that in this situation, those criminal aliens then go into the community and are free to commit crimes.

Attorneys for the state remarked that the federal government was not entitled to take over California’s resources. Additionally, they pointed out that a threat to public safety would occur from cooperating with federal agents. Immigrants who have faced harassment from the federal government can, therefore, look into appealing a closed immigration case in Los Angeles. The best deportation appeals attorney Los Angeles has to offer can build a strong case.

California’s lawyers said that the federal authorities trying to force the state to turn over undocumented immigrants does not apply due to the division of state and federal policies. It would force state and local officials to do the federal government’s bidding and override their authority, which would deny them their right to decline.

If you are an immigrant in California who is concerned about possibly being deported by the federal government, you need the best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. An immigration appeals attorney Los Angeles based can protect your rights. If your case was already closed, be sure to discuss appealing a closed immigration case in Los Angeles. Contact the best deportation appeals attorney Los Angeles has to offer at your earliest convenience.

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