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Individuals entering the United States as non-immigrants are often faced with complex legal situations. They must meet many standards and qualifications in order to enter the country and abide by strict laws in to remain here legally during the period of their permitted stay. These individuals are sometimes restricted in their movements and what they can or cannot do in this country. Ignorance of the law may result in penalties or even deportation. Knowing more about non-immigrant visas and their respective restrictions with the assistance of an immigration attorney, people can navigate the immigration system and stay on the right side of the American government.

Non-immigrant visas are granted for many different reasons. Each reason has a letter code and a certain number of restrictions along with them. Student visas are granted for educational purposes on the assumption that they will end once a person graduates or no longer attends school. International organizations and diplomatic groups can receive broad visas for their employees. Travel companies and individuals in airports on connecting flights can receive visas for short-term stays.

Another type of popular visa for non-immigrants is the H. These visas are for specialty occupations and allow individuals to work jobs in the United States for a particular period. Some visas are for skilled professionals that are needed in certain specialized fields. Others are for companies that have labor shortages and cannot fill positions in the United States.

More common types of visas are the B visas. B visas are for people who are traveling for business or pleasure. An individual may receive a B visa if they are going on a business trip or are an academic attending a conference. Tourists who qualify can also obtain one of these visas to visit to the United States.

All of these visas for non-immigrants have certain restrictions and criteria that have to be met. For instance, only a set number of visas for professionals are allowed every year. H visas must be renewed at regular intervals and according to preset conditions. If the United States government determines that the job of the H visa holder can just as easily be performed by an American, the visa may not be renewed and the non-immigrant visa holder may have to go home.

The same is true for B visas. An individual visiting for business or pleasure must make sure to abide by the length of stay demarcated by the visa. If they stay too long, they risk deportation and considerable barriers to entering the country again. Academic and business conferences may also be at risk. This risk comes from the terms that the conference used to obtain the visas. In these cases, both businesses and individuals must be careful to follow the law and remember the terms of their visas. Mistakes by either group can lead to a cancellation of the event and any number of participants being forced to return home.

Non-immigrant visas can be a thorny legal issue. They can be lost just as easily as they are earned. Many applicants are not familiar with the legal structures and provisions surrounding these visas. Fortunately, the attorney at Alami Law do. We can help a person apply for and obtain a non-immigrant visa. Alami Law can also help you keep the status that you have or even turn an educational visa into a specialty occupation visa after graduation to ensure that a person can obtain a good job with the degree they just earned.

The non-immigrant visa is an important tool for people visiting the United States. Anyone interested in obtaining one should not go through the process alone.

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