Let Our Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles Handle Your Visa Process

Everyone deserves to be with the person they love. You never know who you will meet and fall in love with. It is not something that is bound by citizenship and nationality. If you are a U.S. citizen and have a romantic relationship with a non-U.S. citizen whom you intend to marry them, you can apply for a fiancé visa on their behalf. The fiancé visa will allow them to enter the country. Once they are in the country, they will be able to marry you and then apply for permanent residency. Our experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles will be glad to help.

To get the legal immigration help Los Angeles you need, you should work with a Los Angeles visa lawyer for non-immigrants. Bringing your fiancé over on a fiancé visa is not the same thing as shepherding their immigration. Nor is applying for a fiancé visa the same as applying for a green card. The reason the two must be kept separate is that some fiances enter the country for the sole purpose of getting married. They then leave the country to live abroad. Even if you and your intended partner have not decided where you want to live after you are married, you can still apply for the visa that will allow them to enter the U.S. Once you are married, your non-U.S. spouse always has the option of applying for a green card.

Processing Time for a Fiance Visa

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis all immigration processing operations have ceased. There is currently no way to obtain a fiance visa. Even when things reopen, you should expect delays owing to a serious backlog.

In normal times, the process and timing are as follows:
You must first file a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Form I-129F, which is a petition for Alien Fiance. This form can be downloaded from the USCIS website. You will need to prove that you are an American citizen and evidence of your relationship with the person whom you intend to make your fiancé. You will also need to pay the petition fee.

Once you have submitted the petition, the agency will review it. In normal times, assuming that all is well with the applications, you will receive a Form I-797 which acknowledges that they have received your petition. After this the agency will conduct a full review of the application and the supporting evidence. You will soon after receive a petitioner approval notice.

The journey doesn’t end here.

USCIS will then forward your petition to another agency for background checks. This agency will send your fiancé forms to fill out. These will be used to carry out the background checks. Once the latter have been completed and the forms have been filled out, the NVC will transfer the file to the embassy that covers your fiance’s current location. The embassy will ask your fiancé for any additional documents needed. The embassy will also instruct your fiancé on how to get photographs made and any other items needed to move the process forward.

The final phase of the process is an interview. This will be done at the consulate, which will set up an appointment. It is possible for the fiancé visa to be approved at the interview. Or, it may be delayed owing to final security checks.

Under normal circumstances, the entire process from first filing to final approval typically takes a year. Before the COVID-19 crisis times ranged from five to twenty months. Premium service is not available for this visa. There is no way to pay extra to speed up the process.

When Can My Fiance Enter the United States?

Once your fiancé has received the K-1 visa, they can enter the United States and the two of you can get married. The visa will be valid for half a year from the date of issue. The marriage itself must happen within 90 days after your fiance has come to the country. If the two of you plan to settle in the United States you should marry sooner rather than later. It will give you time to apply for permanent residency before the fiancé visa runs out.

Don’t Take Chances—Hire a Lawyer

Many things can go wrong with your applications. The forms are not always straightforward. And if your fiance’s English is shaky, they may have trouble understanding what exactly is expected of them. Unfortunately, the USCIS does not do translations of the visa application forms. The two of you will have to work together to ensure you are providing the right information.

A Los Angeles visa lawyer for non-immigrants can give you the best legal immigration help in Los Angeles for this particular matter. It will be up to you to find and submit all the information required. However, a B visa lawyer in Los Angeles can ensure that you are submitting the right things. Errors slow down the process. The USCIS will not reject your application for a fiancé visa outright because of a mistake, but they will send it back. This will put you at a lower place in the queue, which means it will take you longer to get your fiancé to the country.

Hiring a B visa lawyer in Los Angeles will save you such delay and trouble. The US tourist visa lawyer Los Angeles you hire will also liaise with your foreign-born fiancé. Besides ensuring that they understand what is required of them, your US tourist visa lawyer Los Angeles will ensure that they get due process. All visa application forms must be processed according to strict rules and regulations. The embassy cannot cut corners or make arbitrary decisions regarding your fiancé just because they are not a U.S. citizen. Your attorney will ensure that they are not being harassed or mistreated.

If you want to marry a foreign-born person, you should hire a lawyer and apply for a fiancé visa. Visa attorneys Los Angeles know how to make such dreams come true. Visa attorneys Los Angeles will keep you on track to get the visa.