Green Card

The act of a non-Citizen voluntarily becomes a United States citizen is accomplished using the naturalization process. It requires giving allegiance to the United States. When this is done, a person will have the protection as well as all the rights and responsibilities of an American citizen. A Los Angeles citizenship lawyer knows what must be done for someone to become a citizen of the United States.

A naturalization lawyer Los Angeles can help people become American citizens. A permanent resident must have a green card for a minimum of five years. Should they be filing as the spouse of a U.S. citizen, it will require them to have a green card for three years. Should a permanent resident begin the naturalization process less than six months prior to their Permanent Resident Card expiring, they will have to renew their card. This is also the case if they do not apply for naturalization until their card has expired.

Eligibility Requirements

When a permanent resident starts the naturalization process, they must be at least 18 years old. They must be a person of good moral character. They must be proficient at speaking and writing basic English. A Los Angeles naturalization attorney can help an applicant show they meet the eligibility requirements.

Naturalization Process

During the naturalization process, the eligibility of a permanent resident to be an American citizen will be determined. They will be required to complete and submit the N-400 form. This is an application for naturalization. A permanent resident will also be required to have a personal interview as well as take the U.S. Naturalization Test.

The N-400 form has many questions about an applicant’s eligibility to become a citizen of the United States. It requires people to provide marital history, personal information, information on children as well as any criminal activities. It is possible to have a naturalization lawyer Los Angeles help complete this form.

Written Decision

An applicant will get a written decision from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) concerning their Form N-400. It will be granted if the evidence provided shows they are eligible for naturalization. An application could be continued if it needs more documentation or evidence. This will also happen if the correct documents are not provided to USCIS or an applicant fails the civics or English test. Their request could be denied if there is evidence an applicant is not eligible for naturalization. A Los Angeles citizenship lawyer will know how to avoid problems with Form N-400.

United States Naturalization Test

There are many ways to prepare for the United States Naturalization Test. There are 100 Civic Questions and Answers that are available on MP3 audio. There is a Naturalization Self Test. This is a study tool designed to help a permanent resident test their knowledge of the United States government as well as the history of the United States. Naturalization test study materials are also available. These materials include practice English tests, civics tests and more.

Special Considerations

An immigration lawyer Los Angeles will know how to help an applicant obtain a waiver if the applicant has a mental or physical impairment that impacts their ability to learn or understand information. Should an applicant have been living in the United States for over twenty years as a legal resident, and are over 65 years old, they may also be given special consideration for the naturalization test.

English Test

This is designed for an applicant to demonstrate they are capable of participating in the social and economic aspects of life in the United States. This portion of the test has three parts.

Reading: During this portion of the test, an applicant could be requested to read certain parts of Form N-400 out loud.

Writing: An Applicant will be requested to write a few simple sentences in English.

Speaking: An applicant’s ability to speak English will be tested as they answer questions about themselves during the interview process.

Civics Test

This will test an applicant’s knowledge of basic aspects of the government and history of the United States. An applicant could be asked to provide the name of the first 10 amendments to the constitution, which month a new American president is inaugurated, who elects Congress and more.

Failing United States Naturalization Test

Every permanent resident will be provided with two opportunities to take the civics and English tests. They will also be required to answer all the questions relating to their naturalization application in English. Should someone fail any of these tests at their initial interview, a Los Angeles naturalization attorney can help make certain they are given the opportunity to be retested. They will be retested on the portion of the test they failed. This includes both the civics and English portions of the test. Their retest will take place between 60 and 90 days from the date of their initial interview.

The process of applying to be a citizen of the United States is straightforward. Individuals comfortable with English should be able to complete the forms. It may also be a good idea to get help from an immigration lawyer Los Angeles. They can detect any problem during the process that could result in an applicant being denied or issues that could put their legal status in jeopardy. These legal professionals will know how to resolve any immigration issues before they impact an applicant during the naturalization process.