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Our Legal Services

When facing unique immigration challenges, a family and business immigration attorney who is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also has a track record of success in securing visas for clients can help you.

Our Ideology is that: NOBODY IS ILLEGAL

The Law Office of Amira Al-Alami serves clients in all immigration matters, including cases involving green cards, citizenship, deportation, tourism, work/business visas and victims of violence. Our staff understands that our work has enormous impact on the lives of immigrants and their families, and we are dedicated to providing individual attention and counsel to each client. We work very closely with our clients, maintaining constant communication as we work toward a positive result.

Ever-Changing Immigration Laws

At the Law Office of Amira Al-Alami, we do more than just fix paperwork and prevent headaches. We do more than fix the red tape. Our law office keeps up with our country’s ever-changing immigration laws. Most people will never be able to keep up with all of these changing laws, rules and guidelines, and the frequency with which they change.



Immigration Visas – Family Based

If you have immigrated to the United States and have a family, it might be possible for members of your family to immigrate to the US with you.

Immigrant Visas – Employment Based

In the United States, all employers are required to confirm that employees are here legally and able to work in this country. Many employers ignore this law and often hire immigrant.

Non Immigrant Visas

Visitors to the United States are often in a complex legal situation. They must meet many standards and qualifications in order to enter the country.

Deportation and Removal Defense

There are times when a person needs a deportation lawyer to protect the rights of their immigration status. A good deportation attorney is passionate .

Immigration Appeals

Contact Amira Al-Alami, if you need an immigration attorney. The Law Office of Amira Al-Alami serves clients in all types of immigration cases.


The basics of obtaining citizenship via naturalization can be a complicated process. And simply said, it is a process wherein a non-citizen voluntarily becomes a citizen of America.

Crimes and Immigration

The first thing you need is a clean record. You may already have a valid green card and place of residence, but you still need a clean record.

Visas for Victims of Crimes

In the United States, if an immigrant is a victim of a crime, they can get a visa that will allow them to stay in the country and testify against the person who victimized them.