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Should you find yourself facing a situation where you have been placed under arrest by federal immigration officials, you will of course be nervous about what may happen next. Likewise, if you submitted an application to stay in the U.S. but had it rejected and your case referred to immigration court, what develops next could impact you for the rest of your life. When either of these situations occur, a date will be set for your merits hearing, which is where the judge focuses on only your case. Since this hearing is of the utmost importance, seek legal immigration help Los Angeles at Alami Law so that you will know exactly what to expect along the way. Our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles are ready to help.

Always Have Your Attorney Present

When you have a merits hearing scheduled in immigration court, always have your immigration appeals attorney Los Angeles clients rely on from Alami Law present in court. Since there will be many aspects of your case that may be confusing, never try to go to court alone. If you do, you are making a mistake that most likely will result in you losing your case and being deported.

Show Up for Your Hearing

Even if you are nervous or afraid of what the results might be from your merits hearing, never skip your hearing and think everything will somehow turn out okay. If you skip the hearing, the judge will automatically enter an order of removal against you, meaning you will be expected to leave the U.S. as quickly as possible. Thus, even if you have had previous applications for asylum or green cards denied, let your deportation appeals attorney Los Angeles residents seek advice from in these situations examine your case in greater detail and plan your defense.

Presenting Your Defense

When you are at your merits hearing, the judge is focused exclusively on your case and nobody else’s at this time, meaning this will be the best opportunity you will have to explain your situation in greater detail to the court. To do so, let your green card denial appeal lawyer Los Angeles clients know will not be intimidated by government authorities present your case in the best possible light. From filing briefs on your behalf, having character witnesses testify as to why you should be allowed to remain in the United States, and presenting other documents related to your case, a skilled attorney can make all the difference in these situations.

Requesting an Interpreter

While your merits hearing may go quicker if you can speak English during the proceedings, do not do so if you are not comfortable with the language and may misunderstand certain things said to you in court. Should you give the wrong answers to important questions, it will be much harder to win your case. If needed, you are allowed to request an interpreter to assist you during the proceedings. If you are appealing a closed immigration case in Los Angeles, the U.S. government is required to honor your request for an interpreter, so never move forward in such a hearing until you are perfectly capable of understanding everything that is said in court.

Dress Appropriately

Since your merits hearing will set the stage for whether or not you are allowed to remain in the United States with your family, your immigration appeals attorney Los Angeles residents always look to for legal guidance and will urge you to dress appropriately for the occasion. Just as it is with any important meeting, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so definitely dress in a professional manner. By doing so and being able to conduct yourself in an impressive fashion, it increases the chances the judge will believe your testimony and ultimately rule in your favor.

Leave the Kids at Home

When you are in need of legal immigration help Los Angeles attorneys from Alami Law will always advise you to not bring your children with you to court on the day of your hearing. Along with these hearings often lasting up to four hours, you and your attorney will need to be able to focus on the task at hand. If you are busy constantly trying to watch your kids, this could ultimately prove detrimental to your case.

Don’t Expect an Immediate Decision

Due to the fact that there is a large amount of evidence submitted to the court at these hearings, it is very likely the judge will not reach a decision on your case by day’s end. If this happens, your case will be continued by the court. However, don’t plan on going back the next morning. In most situations, your continuance will be scheduled for several weeks later. If this happens and you are appealing a closed immigration case in Los Angeles, use your time wisely to consult with your green card denial appeal lawyer Los Angeles trusts to make use of all available resources in an effort to win these cases, which aptly describes attorneys at Alami Law.

Lean On Your Attorney’s Expertise

When filing immigration appeals, lean heavily on your attorney’s expertise in these matters. Since immigration law is extremely complex, there are likely numerous defenses that can be used on your behalf, so never assume nothing can be done for you and that deportation is inevitable. Since being able to obtain a U.S. green card will give you and your family the life of which you have always dreamed, let your attorney do everything possible to make this happen.

Although it can be quite difficult to win immigration cases in today’s current climate, the fact is people are granted green cards and asylum each and every day in the United States. Therefore, place your case in the hands of a deportation appeals attorney Los Angeles immigrants know will never stop fighting for their rights in a court of law. Rather than give up and allow the federal government to deport you, schedule a consultation soon with immigration attorneys at Alami Law.