George W. Bush Pushes for Immigration Reform After Admitting Regret in

In a recent interview with CBS, Former President George W. Bush spoke out about the state of immigration in modern America. He particularly criticized the first Republican president to serve after his two-term presidency, Donald Trump. 

“The problem with the immigration debate is that it, one, can create a lot of fear,” Bush said. He added that immigrants feel that immigration officials will come after them once their legal status is known. 

The former president did not want to step back into the political sphere at first; eight years in office was enough. However, he wants the immigration system to be improved, giving immigrants a pathway to citizenship. 

The Republican icon feels that people who followed the law and paid U.S. taxes “oughtta be given a chance … a pathway to citizenship.” Many conservatives argue that immigrants take away jobs from U.S. citizens, to which Bush disagreed.

“I think it helps grow the number of jobs available. And there are a lot of jobs that aren’t being fulfilled now. You come here to Dallas in August and not a lot of people are volunteering to put tile on roofs,” he said. 

The “America First” mindset has often been described as isolationist and nativist, as the current immigration system makes it nearly impossible to become a citizen or permanent resident easily and without the help of law offices of immigration in Los Angeles.

The system is bureaucratic, meaning that those who wish to become citizens must go through different offices in a process that can take years. For many immigrants, they do not have this abundant amount of time. 

Many are calling on President Joe Biden to introduce an immigration reform bill. One hasn’t been passed since President Ronald Reagan passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which actually made it more difficult for undocumented immigrants to live and work in the country. 

However, it’s no secret that the federal government is extremely divided across party lines; almost all bills see the entirety of the Democrats and Republicans voting against each other. 

Bush acknowledges this and said he would lobby the Republican Party to support Biden’s potential immigration proposal. 

“Whether my own party listens to me or not is another question,” he said. 
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