How Your New Citizenship Can Help Your Child Get a Green Card

It has always been your dream to live and work in the United States and to raise your family in this country. There has been a great deal of turbulence in the immigration system over the last four years, and many aspiring immigrants have seen their hopes and dreams dashed by the policies of the previous administration. 

The new administration aims to reset the immigration system, so that the many thousands of deserving persons around the world can move to the United States and live out their wishes.

You may have already moved to the United States and become a U.S. citizen. You may now have the goal of bringing your foreign-born child to the country so that you can be a family again. You should know that U.S. immigration law looks much more favorably on the children of citizens. You will actually have a better chance of getting your kids admitted to the country as a citizen than you would if you were a permanent resident.

Even if you are a naturalized American, the process for getting your kid into the country can be long and difficult. It begins with enlisting a Los Angeles family immigration lawyer to help you through it. A Los Angeles family immigration lawyer will have the knowledge and insight to ensure that you complete the right forms and take the right action to meet your goals.

The Basic Steps

There are a few basic things you should do to expedite the process. They are as follows:

  1. Make sure your child is not already a citizen
    The tumult of the last few years has led to many changes in immigration law. In some cases, the children of naturalized citizens automatically become citizens themselves. You may already be able to apply for a passport for your child, so you should work with your attorney for immigrant families Los Angeles to verify how the law applies to your specific situation.If your child did not become a U.S. citizen after your naturalization, you will need to figure out whether you can sponsor them for an immigrant visa. This process can take a long time, but your attorney for immigrant families Los Angeles can provide you with the details.
  2. A minor permanent resident child may gain citizenship when you do
    If your children are under the age of 18, already live in the country, are in your custody, and already have green cards, they may be eligible to naturalize when you become a U.S. citizen. The fact that your children are minors makes them able to derive U.S. citizenship through your application. Your green card attorney Los Angeles can give you exact details on how this works.If your children do not meet the criteria for eligibility, they may need to wait until they are adults to apply for citizenship on their own.
  3. You can sponsor your unmarried adult children
    If your children are unmarried adults, you can sponsor them. However, they will not be considered immediate family, which means they may have to wait a long time for their visa to come through. The length of time will depend on how many other people from the same country apply for the same visa. If your adult child marries while the petition is being processed, they will no longer be eligible for the visa.If you are a permanent resident, you cannot sponsor a married child. However, in an extremely limited number of cases it is possible for U.S. citizens to sponsor their married child for a visa.

There Are Many Good Reasons For Becoming a U.S. Citizen

If you have lived and worked in the United States for some years, you may feel as if you are already an American. If you have decided to live the rest of your life in the country, it is better for you to become a naturalized citizen. This will make all questions about your immigration status moot. You will no longer be in danger of deportation for any reason whatsoever.

It will also expedite the reunification with your child. You will have advantages when it comes to getting a green card for your loved one. The wait will not be as long, and you may be able to sponsor your child even if they have married.

Regardless of whether you have filed the paperwork necessary to become a U.S. citizen, you should file the I-130 petition to get your child a green card. If you become a U.S. citizen while the petition is still being processed, you can advise the U.S. Customs and Immigrations Service and get a new preference category and priority date for your child.

If you have become a U.S. citizen and your child’s green card has not come through, you should have your green card attorney write a letter to the National Visa Center advising them of your naturalization status and the petition you have submitted on behalf of your child. If no new information is available and your child’s priority date has not moved up, you may need to get into it legally with USCIS.

All such matters should be put into the hands of law offices of immigration Los Angeles; they will be well-versed in the ever changing immigration law and how to speed up the green card process.

Only a Lawyer Can Help You in This Fight

Even a government agency as powerful as USCIS must obey the law, and if you believe it has been broken, then you should have law offices of immigration Los Angeles closely examine the matter. In many instances the delay in the processing of your child’s green card application comes down to bureaucratic slowness or error. But if there has been a significant violation of your rights as a U.S. citizen, then your green card attorney Los Angeles will get to the bottom of it.

Immigration lawyers know how to handle and investigate these cases. They will bring in other professionals with expertise on how to gather information about what USCIS is doing. If the matter is not settled in a timely and satisfactory fashion, you may need to take the agency to court.