Biden to rescind Trump’s pandemic-era limits on immigrant and work visas, top adviser says

Biden to rescind Trump’s pandemic-era limits on immigrant and work visas, top adviser says

Biden to rescind Trump’s pandemic-era limits on immigrant and work visas, top adviser says

True to his word on changes in immigration restrictions set by the Trump Administration, President Biden has recently announced his new plans to rescind various limitations that were enacted on immigration. According to the White House Domestic Policy Council deputy director Esther Olavarria, Biden has discussed plans to sign a new executive order. This order would lift the suspension on various work and immigration visas.

Through the last few years, the Trump Administration has put some harsh restrictions on immigration. Many of his executive orders deemed a large portion of immigrants as a financial burden to the U.S. healthcare system and considered others a large threat to the U.S. labor markets. Legal immigration help Los Angeles have grown since these restrictions as many immigrants are finding it harder to obtain a visa.

Olavarria has exclaimed that immigrants are a large part of U.S. history, and this rescinding of the former restrictions would help to acknowledge that contribution for the future. Every immigration lawyer in Los Angelesis on edge, waiting to see when President Biden will sign this new executive order. According to the law offices of immigration Los Angeles, there has been no formal date set.

Right now, the three-month extension that former President Trump had enacted is still in place. It will remain so until March 31, 2021. This proclamation limits the ability of the U.S. to issue various immigrant visas. It still doesn’t allow for some exemptions. These include children under the age of 21, and spouses of U.S. citizens can still be authorized to receive a visa. In addition, wealthy immigrants who are willing to invest at least one million dollars in U.S. projects may apply for a visa.

Anyone who offers legal immigration help Los Angeles can reveal that the biggest hits to Trump’s executive orders were to freeze the diversity visa lottery. This program allowed immigrants from underrepresented countries to move to the United States. Although a federal judge did order the approval of 9,000 immigrants to receive these visas last year, the executive order still keeps them from entering U.S. borders.

Another big problem that any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles has been facing is the inability to help immigrants obtain temporary work visas. Many temporary visa programs have been put on hold including the H-1B and H-2B visa programs. The H-1B visa program was very popular for many of the emerging tech companies.

With recently high unemployment rates due to the pandemic, many public officials believe that there will be much backlash from the public if all of the restrictions on immigration are lifted. The lift would involve a big payday for the law offices of immigration Los Angeles and many others who haven’t been able to help immigrant clients receive access to a viable visa.

Right now, it’s simply a waiting game to see what the Biden Administration plans to do. Many believe that the hesitation on his part is due to the fact of expected economic backlash that would ensue from many out-of-work citizens. However, only time will tell how this all will pan out.

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