Biden Makes Immigration Day 1 Priority

Biden Makes Immigration Day 1 Priority

Leading up to his first days in office, President Biden was under a lot of stress from the many immigration advocacy groups. Early on in his campaign, Biden has committed to fixing immigration issues that Trump has enacted over his term. These immigration advocacy groups wanted to remind Biden that he should uphold his early promises when he officially takes the seat as President of the United States.

President Biden has shown himself to be true to his word since he started providing legal immigration help Los Angeles right away. On his first day in office, he proposed a new immigration bill. This bill features an extension of DACA and creates a pathway for undocumented immigrants to become U.S. citizens. Now, these ‘dreamers’ are eligible for green card status right away. 

A First Of Many Immigration-Related Executive Orders

Any Los Angeles family immigration lawyer can reveal that Biden seems to be undoing the actions that former President Trump has initiated. In one of the many executive orders that President Biden has signed, he repealed a travel ban that was established by the Trump Administration. This travel ban targeted nations that were mostly made up of Muslim citizens.

DACA Remains In Place

The DACA program has been a highlight of the immigration battle for the last four years. The Trump Administration tried to remove the program. While initially succeeding, the ruling was recently overturned, and DACA is back in action. Now, President Biden is working to ensure that DACA sticks around for good.
This program, known formally as the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program, helps a subsection of immigrants known as dreamers to obtain citizenship. Dreamers are a group of immigrants who moved to America with their parents as young children, and they commonly refer to themselves as Americans since that is where they’ve lived for most of their lives. Unfortunately, due to the lack of legality of their parents, they are not legally notated as U.S. citizens. This group is highly composed of college students and young alumni who are highly educated.

A New Day For Education

Any attorney for immigrant families Los Angeles can reveal that many of the Trump Administration policies were targeted at reducing the number of immigrants seeking education in America. In fact, there was a notable decline in the number of international students in the last few years. Many have told lawyers that provide legal immigration help Los Angeles that the strict immigrations laws make studying here not worth the effort.
With the recent passing of many of Biden’s executive orders, international students will now have a clearer path to get into the country. Any green card attorney Los Angeles is happy with these changes as they’ll be able to help their clients enjoy an American education again.

A Brief Look At The New Immigration Bill

Any Los Angeles family immigration lawyer can tell you that the new immigration bill is providing a lot of positives for immigrants and their families. The recent fact sheet regarding the new immigration bill has noted provisions for undocumented immigrants. These include legalization matters, employment matters, border security, asylum seekers, immigration courts, and family-based immigration matters. 
Any attorney for immigrant families Los Angeles is hanging onto the edge of their seat to see if this new bill will get passed or not. If it does, that means an increase in consultations for a green card attorney Los Angeles.

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