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Permanent Residence

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Status Adjustment –
Permanent residence

Permanent residence is the status by which immigrants are granted so that they can live and work permanently in the United States. It is the process by which we apply to the immigration department for permission to live permanently in the United States and thus obtain the legal residence document or Green Card. In most cases, a sponsor (employer or relative) is the one who applies for permanent residence or green card on behalf of another person.

Am I a permanent resident, when can I apply for citizenship?

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How can I obtain permanent residence in the United States?

It can be obtained by several factors; through the “adjustment of status” process consists of two steps. First is to obtain the immigrant visa. These can be obtained through a family member (Immediate Relative Petition), a job (Migrant Worker Visa), an investor visa, or special visa categories (U Visa, VAWA, T Visa, etc.) . Once the person has an approved visa, they can apply for their GREEN CARD. In some cases, you can apply for both a visa and permanent residence at the same time. There are specific circumstances where a person can apply for permanent residence within the territory of the United States. Many times, a US citizen immediate family member can apply for an immigrant visa for their family members who do not qualify for a residence in the United States.


What requirements must i meet?

It depends on the application situation
and not all cases are the same.

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