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Consular Processing and Waiver I-601A

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Consular Processing and Waiver I-601A

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Sorry for the 3 and 10 year punishments, register them here in the United States. This waiver is known as the I-601A waiver. Once the waiver is provisionally approved, you will have to leave the country to attend your consular appointment in your country of origin.

Who Qualifies?

Have an approved I-130 Family Petition.

Over 17 years old.

Además deben contar con el apoyo de algunos de los siguientes familiares:

Spouses or parents who are legal residents or US citizens.

Who does NOT qualify?

People who tried to enter the US with false documents.

Personas que han ingresado y salido del país en más de una ocasión.

People who have committed serious crimes.

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