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Gabriela Gabor is a paralegal at Alami Law, joining the firm in 2016. Gabriela was born and raised in Mexico with her grandparents until the age of nine when she immigrated to the United States with the intention of visiting her parents.

However, his plans were quickly changed by the death of his grandparents, and he has resided in Los Angeles ever since. Gabriela remembers that it was extremely difficult for her to adapt to a new country, a new school and a new language. What made her feel at home and not miss her country, or the people she loved, was spending most of her time at school. Gabriela earned her BA from California State University, Los Angeles in 1993 with a concentration in Spanish Literature and Linguistics.

Gabriela has helped the immigrant community in Los Angeles for the last 25 years. Prior to joining Alami Law, Gabriela worked as a medical assistant with Dr. Payman at the Advanced Neck and Spine Institute in Ridgecrest, California, where she performed initial patient examinations and interpreted for Spanish-speaking patients. This year, Gabriela has successfully completed the required course of study in the field of Immigration Interpretation.

Gabriela currently attends the Southern California School of Interpretation for the study of court interpretation.

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Gabriela Gabor

Gabriela Gabor is a paralegal at Alami Law, joining the firm in 2016.




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