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Emily is a first-generation Mexican-American who was raised by a single young immigrant mother. He was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. As a result of her mother's struggles, Emily learned independence and self-sufficiency at a young age, resulting in her drive to accomplish any and all goals she wishes to succeed at. Throughout the years.
Emily has shown to be very knowledgeable about what she wants, she pursues. Emily is a strong believer in inclusion. She is a strong advocate for immigrant rights and LGBTQ rights. Emily's goal at Alami Law is to help others pursue the dream her own mother once achieved. He wants to spread the means of support to those who need it.


Emily Carrasco

She is a strong advocate for immigrant rights, and LGBTQ rights.




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Our belief is that no one is illegal

When facing unique immigration challenges, a family and business immigration attorney who is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also has a track record of success in securing visas for clients can help you.

How can I help you?
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