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Advance Parole

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What is an Advance Parole?

Es un permiso de viaje, un permiso adelantado de reingreso a territorio americano. Es un requerimiento indispensable para que algunos extranjeros que se encuentran en EE.UU. puedan viajar fuera del país y regresar, sin tener visa de inmigrante o no inmigrante. El Advance Parole permite también que los extranjeros que han solicitado el Ajuste de Estatus o algún otro beneficio, conserven la solicitud mientras están fuera de los Estados Unidos.

Advance Parole

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What is the importance of having the Advance Parole before traveling?

It is very important that foreigners process this travel permit before leaving American territory because if they do not obtain it before traveling, they will not be able to re-enter upon their return, unless they have a valid visa.

Similarly, the government may consider the alien to have abandoned his or her pending application for immigration benefits. When this happens, the person has to start the immigration process again. To do this, you must use the Consular Process in your own country

Who Should Request Advance Parole?

This permit can be requested by all foreigners in the United States who wish to travel outside the country but are in one of the following situations:

They have been admitted as refugees or asylees.

They obtained TPS Temporary Protected Status.

They have a pending asylum application.

They have received benefits under the family unity program.

They have a pending Adjustment of Status application.

They received a T Visa or U Visa.


Who Is Not Eligible For Advance Parole?

Some foreigners residing in the United States are not eligible to obtain this travel permit. This includes:

Foreigners without valid immigration status.

Beneficiaries of a private bill.

Foreigners with exchange visas are subject to the foreign residence requirement.

Holders of a valid re-entry permit, unless returned to USCIS or proven to have been lost.

Foreigners in deportation proceedings, even if they are within the categories of TPS, Visa T or Visa U, Asylum, etc., with the exception of DACA beneficiaries.

How is Advance Parole Requested?

To apply for Advance Parole, the first thing that must be done is to fill out Form I-131: Application for Travel Document. You must be careful to check the correct box, since this document is also requested for the cases in which a re-entry permit or a travel document is requested. ¿Cuánto Tiempo Dura Tramitar El Advance Parole?

The Advance Parole usually arrives within 3-5 months after you submit your application.

Expedited processing may be requested by calling the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 or by including a letter in the application enclosing documentation that supports the request. What Are The Benefits Of Advance Parole?

There are 2 main benefits obtained through Advance Parole:

It allows the foreigner to return to the US after having left the country without the need to obtain a visa.

It keeps your adjustment of status application pending with USCIS.

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