What is a Work Visa

Many people from all over the world have the goal of settling in the United States because it is known for being the land of opportunity. United States signifies freedom, opportunity, and several other positive aspects that attract people from all over the world. With that being said, millions of people come

Timeline for a Work Visa

to the United States with hopes of finding job opportunities that will benefit them and their families. In order for these people to do so, they will need a specific document that is called a work visa.

Although the immigration system can be very complicated, there are several resources out there to help immigrants find the visa that they need in order to make their dreams come true.

What is a Work Visa

There are several reasons as to why people may want to come to the United States. For instance, they may want to visit family, go on vacation, or work. With that being said, those who aspire to work in the U.S. with the intention of being paid in return for their labor, mustt show one of three types of documentation, which can be permanent resident status, work permit, or work visa. permanent resident status is also known as a green card. Those who have a permanent resident status/green card actually have many of the same rights as U.S. citizens and are considered legal residents.

Keep in mind that even though many people tend to use “work permit” and “work visa” interchangeably, they do have key differences. For example, there are an array of specific work permits and visas that apply to different types of workers. When someone is given a work permit or visa, this means that they are waiting for a green card authorization as proof of work authorization.

Luckily, immigrants and temporary visitors may obtain work visas. However, it is important to remember that there are several types of visas that are specific to every kind of worker. Therefore, the employer and employee should always make sure that they are applying for the correct one to avoid any delays.

If you need help regarding this issue, as it can be very complicated to handle on your own, always make sure to consult with an employment attorney Pasadena to avoid any delays or voidances.

Timeline for Work Visa

The amount of time it takes to obtain a work visa varies, as it can depend on several different factors. For example, it can depend on the type of visa you applied for, the accuracy of information that you provided, and several other factors that are out of your control. In essence, you will wait a shorter time if your visa is more limited.

In order to make sure that you did not provide any inaccurate information, you should get legal help from an employment immigration lawyer to ensure that you filled out the necessary documents correctly.

Types of Work Visas

Non-immigrant Visa: These types of visas make up a large amount of visas that the United States supplies. With this visa, you are allowed to work in the U.S. for a specific amount of time. You can use a non-immigrant visa for tourism, studying, exchange student, working as part of a transit crew or specialty work. However, you are not allowed to work for wages.

J-1 Visa

These are for people who work in a private exchange program in a private sector. They can be for interns, teachers, seasonal employees, or other temporary professionals. This type of visa can be applicable for those who come to the U.S. for training.

C1-D Visa

This type of visa is applicable to those who are transit workers that come into the U.S. for brief stops, such as cruise ship employees or international flight crews.

H1-B Visa

These visas are for workers who specialize in a particular field, such as a reputable engineer who is coming to the U.S. to work on a project.

Contact an Employment Immigration Attorney

If you or someone you know is in need of an employment based visa, then you should seek help from an immigration lawyer Pasadena as soon as possible. Our team will get you the legal help and advice you need to make sure that this process goes smoothly.