How to Apply for EB2 Green Card

If you are planning to enter the United States for employment, the EB2 Green Card is likely what you may be seeking. This is in the second-preference employment-based green card category. This visa will grant permanent residency to foreign nationals who possess either advanced degrees or exceptional ability in select fields. Introduced

EB2 Green Card

with the Immigration Act of 1990, the visa includes certain subcategories including Advanced Degree Professionals, Exceptional Ability, and National Interest Waiver. In most cases, eligibility is limited to those possessing an advanced degree or equivalent, or those who demonstrate exceptional ability in arts, sciences, or business. If you are applying for an EB2 Green Card, the process to do so is complex. Rather than attempt the application process on your own and make various mistakes along the way, contact Alami Law. As an immigration lawyer Pasadena clients trust with these matters, you will be sure to receive expert guidance each step of the way.

How to Apply for EB2 Green Card

When applying for an EB2 Green Card, always work closely with an employment immigration attorney Pasadena applicants rely on regularly in these situations, such as Alami Law. If you are applying for the visa under the Advanced Degree or Exceptional Ability categories, your application must also include an individual labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor, which is Form ETA-750. Should you be applying for a National Interest Waiver, you will file an application directly with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, making sure you include Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker. Should you have any questions about this process along the way, never hesitate to consult an employment immigration lawyer at Alami Law.

What Documents are Required?

As for documents required to apply for an EB2 Green Card, the first is evidence proving you do indeed have full-time employment. In the case of those who are applying for a National Interest Waiver, you are required to show evidence proving your presence will benefit the nation. Along with this, you must also provide a filed and approved labor certification, even if you as the petitioner qualify for a National Interest Waiver. Finally, you will need to show academic transcripts demonstrating possession of an advanced U.S. degree or its foreign equivalent, as well as letters from employers that show you have progressive work experience in your field of study. Since it will be crucial to have possession of these documents and ensure all information on them is correct, work closely with an experienced employment immigration attorney from Alami Law.

Be Prepared to Wait

Once you have obtained all necessary documents to apply for your EB2 Green Card and have submitted them to the appropriate authorities, be prepared for an extensive wait. Since the process often takes several months at a minimum, always stay in contact with our employment immigration attorney Pasadena clients know always keeps them up-to-date on their case. After receiving your documents and processing them, the USCIS will update your cutoff dates and then assign you a priority date. Upon doing so, you will then need to apply for consular processing or adjustment of status, whichever applies best to your situation. After all this is done, you will then await U.S. permanent residency based on the current backlog, which is usually quite extensive. While you are awaiting your results, make sure you regularly meet with your immigration lawyer Pasadena clients trust to make sure you are kept abreast as to any new developments.

If applying for your EB2 Green Card within this subcategory, you must possess a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree with at least five years of related work experience that shows increasing responsibilities. However, since not all advanced degrees are eligible for an EB2 Green Card, always verify yours is by contacting the USCIS. Should any questions or disputes arise during this process, have an employment immigration lawyer from Alami Law intervene on your behalf.

Exceptional Ability

If you are seeking an EB2 Green Card based on exceptional ability in business, arts, or sciences, you must be able to clearly demonstrate this ability. By definition, your ability must be greatly above those abilities regularly encountered or possessed by those in the United States.

National Interest Waiver

Should you seek a National Interest Waiver, your job will have to be considered one that will benefit the best interest of the United States. Examples of this include if you are a doctor who will be working in a full-time capacity in areas where shortages of healthcare professionals exist, or if you are an entrepreneur whose business will be satisfying certain conditions of national interest.

Due to the complexities involved in filing for an EB2 Green Card, leave nothing to chance. Rather than make mistakes that lead to delays, consult with an employment immigration attorney from Alami Law.