Applying For A Religious Visa

EB-4 Visa: Are You Able To Get A U.S. Visa For Religious Purposes?

Thousands of visas are given out every year to immigrants who are interested in making a big move to the United States. There are several visa options available for non-U.S. citizens. Religion-based visas, for example, are intended for ministers seeking stay approval in America. Although, religious visas are not as frequently requested it is available to those that qualify.

This type is also known as the EB-4 immigrant visa for special immigrant religious workers. The category has been expanded to covering a broader range of applicants including:

  • Broadcasters
  • Iraqi and Afghan translators
  • Employees of an International Organization
  • Members of the Armed forces
  • Physicians

Everyone categorized as a possible applicant can be deemed essential and important to the country. Seeking legal assistance from an employment immigration attorney in Pasadena may be the best option for immediate results, as nearly ten-thousand people are approved of EB-4 visa status each year. These visas are an essential component of the United States immigration process because it prioritizes the ability for individuals to maintain and practice his/her religious lifestyle.