Criminal Violations

Reasons for Deportation or RemovalMany people would like to immigrate to the United States. Some people have already chosen to do so even if they may not have the legal right to reside in the country. Others might have accidentally violated American immigration laws. If you or a loved one are facing the possibility of deportation, you’ll want to have a deportation immigration attorney to provide you with legal assistance. An immigration lawyer Los Angeles can be on your side immediately. The deportation attorney Los Angeles can explain what’s going on during the process. The deportation lawyer Los Angeles can also help explain what may have triggered the possibility of deportation. An immigration lawyer Los Angeles can then help you figure out a strategy to fight for your legal rights.

If you have engaged in criminal activity of any kind and you’re an illegal alien or you haven’t completed your full naturalization process, you might be be eligible to be deported. Keep in mind that not all crime will lead to such issues. However, other crimes can lead authorities to start proceedings. If you’ve been convicted of a violent crime, you might need the help of a deportation immigration attorney. Violent crimes include crimes such as murder, assault and sex crimes as well as domestic violence and harming animals. You might also eligible for deportation if you’ve been convicted of smuggling in drugs or money laundering. Crimes where a firearm was used and smuggling other people can also trigger the notice of legal authorities.

People can also be deported if they are convicted of crimes that fall under the umbrella of moral turpitude. These are crimes said to go against American community standards. The same is true of crimes that threaten the functionality and stability of the American government. In addition, those with convictions for trying to overthrow the government or engaging in crimes that compromise the safety of the American public.

Immigration Violations

Another reason that people might need help from deportation attorney Los Angeles is because they have broken laws governing American immigration. Many people come to the United States on a visa. Visas are issued by the American government under the understanding that the recipient will abide by the terms of visa. The visa generally forbids visitors from engaging in certain behavior. For example, people who hold a visa cannot apply for employment or work. They need to file what is known as an employment authorization document. If they have not done so, authorities can choose to send them home.

The same is true of other kinds of immigration violations. If you overstay a visa, the authorities can find out and choose to deport you. Certain other immigration violations are also a reason for possible deportation. People who are here legally are not allowed to collect any form of welfare for five years. You can only get a green card if can prove you can support yourself. Claiming to be an American citizen is also a deportable offense. People who have been granted the temporary right to reside in the United States can be deported if the temporary stay expires or is revoked.

Fraudulent Activities

Fraudulent activities related to immigration are also a possible issue that can lead authorities to begin deportation proceedings. One of the most common types of immigration fraud is marriage fraud. This is when someone enters into a sham marriage with an American citizen solely for the purpose of getting around American immigration laws. Getting a divorce in two years is a red flag that the marriage wasn’t real. Lying on immigration applications is also considered a form of fraud. For example, if the person does not disclose a prior criminal record in another country this can provide grounds for deportation. All immigration documents must be filled out accurately and correctly. A person who lies about their age or about any aspects of their lives to a judge can easily find they’re eligible for possible deportation from the United States.

This is why is crucial to make sure that everything is done correctly. A judge can decide if the person accidentally wrote inaccurate information or did so deliberately. They can also determine if the person’s other actions in the United States might override such concerns and give people the right to stay here. An order of deportation does not mean the person is immediately removed from the country. There’s a process that must be followed. This is why it is a good idea to work closely with a deportation lawyer Los Angeles. They can help the person figure out what legal avenues might be open to them in the event of such charges. They can also help the person figure out how to fill out any form of immigration paperwork correctly before they submit it.