Seeking the right Deportation Lawyer in Los Angeles

Grounds of Deportability: When Legal U.S. Residents can be removedThe future of a person who is living in the U.S. legally has never been perfectly secure, but the rights of legal U.S. residents can be taken away as part of the deportation process extremely quickly. Throughout the history of the U.S., the position of permanent residents or green card holders and those holding other

visas has been brought into question. At times when immigration attorneys Los Angeles are at their busiest, ICE and its predecessor agencies are often unwilling to hear about the legal position of those they are deporting. The New Yorker recently took a look back at the history of deportations in the 20th-century and beyond to show how things are both the same and different from the past. The report showed that deportations of Mexican-American residents, whether legal or not, have been targeted for almost a century due to racism and supposed economic issues. From the 1930s to the 50s, the position of Mexican-Americans was uncertain with the Great Depression seeing over 400,000 Mexican-Americans deported with around half now shown to be legal residents.

In the 21st-century, every deportation lawyer Los Angeles residents rely on would like to think the system has changed, but The Los Angeles Times reports the case of Jose Garcia from 2001 that saw the New York-based stockbroker stand on the edge of deportation to Barbados despite his having the right to the U.S. citizenship.

Although many green cards and visa holders contact a deportation defense attorney Los Angeles when they have been unfairly treated, certain issues can lead to an individual being deported legally. In the last few years, the Trump Administration is looking to push forward the deportation of individuals who have some form of criminal charge in their past regardless of its seriousness or age, according to PRI. A criminal charge of any kind committed in the U.S. during their time in the country is grounds for ICE to take an individual into detention and chase them for deportation. In the past few years, the immigration authorities have been pushing for more individuals to be deported for historic crimes that many had left far behind them. In some cases, these crimes had not reached a court but the potential for taking part in criminal behavior is enough for ICE to begin deportation proceedings.

Nolo reports that any individual who has the possibility of being deported need not be as soon as ICE arrives at their door. Instead, the process often takes several weeks, months, or years with the number of options open to a removal proceedings immigration lawyer Los Angeles high for fighting any case.

Among the reasons why a permanent resident or other visa holders could be deported is long and exhaustive with the number of days spent outside the U.S. throughout a visa being one of the most common. The number of days an individual could be outside the U.S. can change at any time, but the commonly held number for the authorities to be concerned with is 180 consecutive days outside the U.S. giving ICE grounds to deport an individual when visa renewal time comes up. Immigration attorneys in Los Angeles usually make an individual aware of this issue in the early days of their visa renewal process to make sure they have any paperwork prepared to back up their case.

Criminal offenses are one of the major reasons why a visa renewal process is passed over to the authorities to speed the deportation process. A deportation defense attorney Los Angeles should be able to identify if an individual is at risk of being accused of marriage fraud or their status as a spouse or parent of a U.S. citizen has been revoked. AllLaw explains any person who hopes to remain indefinitely in the U.S. should seek naturalized citizen status as quickly as possible when they are eligible and need to work with a removal proceedings immigration lawyer Los Angeles.

Marriage fraud is one of the most common reasons why people contact a deportation lawyer Los Angeles as the problem of a partnership between two people coming to an end prematurely can open up specific problems. When a legal U.S. resident is awarded their green card and is involved in a divorce, annulment, or separation, the possibility of being accused of marriage fraud becomes high. Working with a deportation lawyer Los Angeles is a good way of making sure every individual approaches their proceedings with the confidence they have the paperwork needed to prove their case.

The possibility of a drug charge or conspiracy to commit a drug-related offense is grounds for deportation proceedings to begin. The issue of a drug charge is one that is difficult for an immigration lawyer to fight on behalf of any individual as the U.S. Government looks dimly on this kind of criminal offense. Among the other forms of criminal behavior that immediately spark the interest of ICE officials are surrounding the sale or misuse of firearms and destructive devices that can cause major harm to any community.

In the 21st-century, the issue of human trafficking has moved to the top of the table when it comes to the problems facing the world. Human trafficking charges of any kind are grounds for ICE to begin deportation proceedings regardless of whether the individual involved has been granted permanent resident status in the past. By choosing to work with immigration attorneys in Los Angeles, the chances of overturning a deportation request are increased with the chances of success being higher than the individual fighting alone.