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Deportation Attorney Los Angeles

There are times when a person needs a deportation lawyer to protect the rights of their immigration status. A good deportation attorney is passionate about what they do and specializes in the field they practice to provide a valuable service to the community. When it comes to mounting a good deportation defense, there is an abundance of information a person should be knowledgeable of when it comes to both sides of the law. This means anyone who wants to maintain legal immigration status within the United States should know what can get them deported. With that being said, you should do everything in your power to avoid jeopardizing your immigration status in the first place.

The fact is immigrants with legal resident status or temporary visas can be deported, just like an immigrant living within the United States illegally. There are activities and crimes that a person should avoid if they intend to maintain lawful immigration status within the U.S. At the top of this list is marrying under false pretenses just to be in the country. Another item on this list is simply overstaying a visa’s time limit. Another unlawful act is assisting, encouraging or helping any other individual attempting to enter the country illegally.

One reason for deportation that has a wide range of subtopics is violating immigration law or any other U.S. law for that matter. It may result in different negative consequences, depending on the time and place of the violation committed. In addition, those who could jeopardize their immigration status must avoid crimes that include drugs and firearms.

While a little more complex, but just as important to avoid, are crimes of moral turpitude like stealing or committing fraud. Without any measure of doubt, immigrants trying to protect their status should avoid aggravated felonies. This kind of goes without saying, immigrants engaged in activities that jeopardize public safety and national security are at risk of deportation as well. These crimes include spying and treason.

Just because mistakes may or may not have been made, it does not mean that those immigrants facing deportation do not have options available to them. As a matter of fact, any person facing removal proceedings within the United States is entitled by law to legal representation. This is a good cornerstone to have, no matter what your immigration status is.

Before going into an immigration court, it is most imperative to know that if deportation is a final judgment, then entry into the U.S. may forbid you up to 10 years from returning. In some cases, the removal from the country is forever. But before that even happens, there are steps that must be taken. The first thing to do is to get in touch with an experienced deportation law firm with professionals that have a passion and commitment for helping immigrants. Our team of lawyers are also experienced in appealing deportation orders. In addition, you can learn how to apply for cancellation of removal if you are proven to not have participated in unlawful acts, as well as other eligibility requirements. The best way to navigate this is by contacting an immigration lawyer.

A good deportation lawyer will be focused and specialized in a particular kind of help that immigrants need. For example, you may need a lawyer who speaks in Spanish and has several years of experience litigating cases before immigration courts and at the appellate level. Law offices with more than a decade of experience such as Alami Law are the right way to go when it comes to getting the best legal protection. We are well versed in the legal procedures necessary to keep an immigrant firmly placed within the United States, by way of a great deportation defense.

Deportation Attorney Los AngelesReasons for Deportation or Removal

There are many reasons for deportation or removal, which can result in serious repercussions if proven guilty. There are criminal violations, which involve a wide range of activities, immigration violations, and other fraudulent activities. If you have been involved in any of the activities mentioned above and have triggered the possibility of deportation or removal, it is essential that you seek help from an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible to protect your best interests.

What Happens in the Deportation Process?

Deportation is the process in which a non-citizen is removed from the United States. Deportation can occur when one enters the United States illegally and does not have the necessary documentation. Additionally, deportation can occur if a person has violated the terms of his or her immigration status. The deportation process usually begins with an arrest by immigration authorities, and is then followed by court proceedings, etc. Our team at Alami Law can help you through the legal proceedings.

Appealing Your Deportation Order From an Immigration Judge

If you have received a deportation order, it may be possible for you to appeal your case depending on the circumstances of what led up to the issue. An appeal is a second judicial review of your case. You must show that the original judgment against you contained some legal error. If you would like to determine whether or not your case can be appealed, it is in your best interest to seek legal help from an immigration lawyer.

Is it Possible for Cancellation of Removal to Stop Deportation?

Cancellation of removal is a form of helping non-permanent residents potentially avoid deportation or removal. However, you are only able to apply for cancellation of removal if you have an ongoing case in deportation or removal proceedings in an Immigration Court. It is important to note that if you don’t have a date to appear in Immigration Court, then you are not allowed to apply for cancellation of removal. Also, if you have already appeared in Immigration Court, then your case is now considered closed, therefore, you can’t apply for cancellation of removal. The only way one would be able to apply is if you manage to convince the Immigration Court to grant a motion to reopen your case. If you would like to learn more about the possibility for cancellation of removal to stop deportation, it is best to consult with an immigration attorney.

Voluntary Departure vs. Deportation

When you get a voluntary departure with the help of your deportation immigration attorney, there are many benefits you’ll get over being given an order of removal. You will be able to enjoy the dignity of making your own travel arrangements and not being physically escorted out of the country. With a simple bond payment, you’ll be given a date that you need to leave by. Whereas deportation is when you will forcefully be required to leave the country. Whatever the case may be and you have found yourself in one of these situations, it is best to consult with an immigration attorney before anything.

What to Do if ICE Goes to Your House

Everyone, even undocumented immigrants, have constitutional rights within the United States. How do you respond to a knock at the door? First, you should know that you have no legal obligation to open the door for them. Unless they have a valid search warrant that a judge signed, they can’t enter your home. You must verbally agree to let them in; however, we don’t advise that you do this. However, if ICE claims to have a search warrant, ask that they slide it underneath the door or hold it up to the window so you can see it. That way, you can look at the details in the search warrant. Learn more about what to do if ICE goes to your house.

What is Birthright Citizenship?

Birthright citizenship is a legal right in which citizenship is given for all children born in the country’s territory. This means that anyone who is born in the U.S. is automatically considered to be a U.S. citizen, regardless of the citizenship status of the parents.

Can You Return to the U.S. After Being Deported?

While an individual who has been deported will find it difficult to return to the U.S. to obtain another green card or visa, it is not impossible. Depending on the reason why the individual was deported in the first place will determine whether or not they can reenter the U.S. If you plan to reenter the U.S. after being deported, it is best to consult with an immigration attorney before doing so.

Grounds Of Deportability: When Legal U.S. Residents Can Be Removed

Donald Trump’s strict and unsympathetic immigration stances made it much more difficult for immigrants to avoid deportation, even if they were legally in the country. If ICE finds that you committed a crime at any point in your life, you can be removed from the country. Another reason is if you spend 180 consecutive days outside the U.S. ICE finds this suspect, and you may be removed if you spend too much time internationally.

Who Can Be Helped By Prosecutorial Discretion?

Prosecutorial discretion is exercised by ICE officials on a case-by-case basis to stop the removal proceedings of certain immigrants. ICE officials are given guidelines where they examine the immigrant’s length of time in this country and how they have behaved since they’ve gotten here. Those who have served in the military are much more likely than those who have committed a crime.

Voluntary Departure: Why “Volunteer” To Be Deported?

Many immigrants are given the option to voluntarily leave the U.S. or to have their status taken to trial where a judge will review their deportation proceedings. Some will choose to voluntarily deport themselves to give themselves more control over the situation. If you choose voluntary departure, you get more time to plan, and you will be viewed more favorably in the eyes of the U.S. government, making your chances to return higher.

How Falsely Claiming To Be A U.S. Citizen Can Make You Deportable

Pretending to be a U.S. citizen makes you deportable, even if this claim was made by mistake, and it makes you unable to legally return to the U.S. This can be a simple mistake, such as checking “U.S. citizen” on official forms or registering to vote. One defense is if you made these false claims when you were legally a child, meaning you were under eighteen. If you need help stopping your deportation,  contact our law firm.

Reasons For Deportation Or Removal

Deportation increased during Trump’s time in office, as ICE was encouraged to crack down on immigrants who may be breaking the law. While American citizens will pay a fine or go to jail if they are convicted of a crime, undocumented immigrants, and even permanent residents, can be deported if they are accused of a crime and law enforcement officials look into their background. The three main reasons for deportation or removal are criminal activity, fraudulent activity, and immigration violations.