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Renewing Your Green Card After a Criminal Charge or Conviction

Let’s say that you have a green card renewal coming up, but the problem is that you have a criminal charge or even a conviction. You worry that this will impact your renewal. In truth, this does have the potential to put your status at risk. As a lawful permanent resident of the United States, you will have to renew your green card every 10 years.

What Does It All Mean?

After having spoken with an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, just because your green card expires doesn’t mean that your actual status expired. With that said, if you try to renew your green card and you have a conviction, this could hinder you getting a new one. What this can be detrimental to is applying for United States citizenship or traveling outside the United States. Any Los Angeles crime and immigration lawyer will tell you not to travel outside of the United States if this is your situation.

Don’t Renew Your Green Card?

Speak with an immigration defense Los Angeles law firm on how to go about this in the safest way. You need to have your green card renewed because it lets you work in the country. In addition, law enforcement requires that you carry this with you at all times. Without a valid green card, you will have a hard time getting a job, and if you attempt to travel outside the United States, you won’t get back in. Don’t leave the United States without your green card. As a criminal immigration defense Los Angeles law firm, we have seen this happen where the person left the country, and they weren’t allowed entry.

You Can Be Deported for Some Crimes

You have certain crimes where you can face deportation even with a green card. Some of the crimes where you could get deported even with your green card include:

  • Drug crimes
  • Aggravated felony
  • Sex crimes
  • Two deportable crimes
  • Fraud-based offenses
  • Firearm offenses

Never assume that just because you have your green card you will be safe because even that won’t always protect you.

Speak with a Lawyer

If you have committed a crime in the past and you need a green card, you should speak with a Los Angeles lawyer. They understand the laws the best, and they will fight for you so that you can get a green card. Look for one with experience because how many years of experience has can make a big difference on whether they can successfully fight for your case or not.

In many cases, your Los Angeles lawyer for obtaining a green card with a criminal past will also have you do your fingerprints a second time. They will analyze the results as a way of helping you to determine the best strategy for getting your green card renewed.

What Classifies as an Aggravated Felony?

If you have committed an aggravated felony in the past, this could stop you from getting your green card. Some of the crimes that classify as an aggravated felony include:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Murder
  • Sex crime with a minor
  • Filing false tax returns

Any one of these things could put you in the crosshairs, and as much as possible, you want to avoid running into this problem. The other thing is that any crime that was committed with evil intent will classify as one of moral turpitude. That means crimes that had the intent to defraud someone or to inflict bodily harm on a person.

Convicted in Another Country?

Let’s say that you received a conviction for a crime in another country. Will this have an effect on you getting your green card? With a Los Angeles crime and immigration attorney, they will tell you how the crimes committed in that country will have to be the equivalent of an aggravated felony. The standards of the crime will remain the same in both of these cases. Let’s say that the laws of that country don’t necessarily equate to the same laws in the United States. If there is any lack of clarity, you will want to hire a legal immigration lawyer in Los Angeles who can help you to proceed because they will have the best understanding for how to go through with this.

When It Will Be Next to Impossible

Let’s say that you have committed a serious crime in the United States. In most cases, it will be impossible for you to get your green card, and in some cases, you will even get deported for crimes like this. With that said, let’s say that you were only convicted of a low-level crime. For some cases with this, you might be okay to still get your green card, but you should still speak with a lawyer on how to go about renewing it because this ensures that you don’t get roadblocked when you go to apply.

Was the Crime Serious?

Whether or not the crime was serious isn’t always a straightforward answer in the eyes of the US law, but you have to determine this as best as you can. Some of the factors that they will use to determine the seriousness include:

  • Age when crime was committed
  • How many convictions on the record
  • Facts surrounding the criminal case

All of these things will have an impact on whether you will receive your green card or not. Also, you should speak with an experienced and licensed attorney who understands this realm of law because they will be the best equipped to help you. The law will also look at the impact of the crime committed to determine whether a person will be eligible for their green card or not.