Deportation Lawyer in Los Angeles

Crimes That Make Immigrants Deportable

The decision to immigrate somewhere means taking certain risks during the immigration process. In the United States, all those who are immigrants are at risk of being deported under certain circumstances. Deportation can have serious repercussions. A person may not be able to enter the United States for a certain period of time or even find they’re barred

Forever. Consulting With An Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help Clarify That Person’s Rights In This Country. If Someone Is Here Illegally, They Can Be Deported Just For Breaking American Immigration Laws. Those Who Have Official Sanction From The American Government May Still Face The Possibility Of Being Sent To Their Original Country If They Commit A Crime. Any Immigrant Who Is Accused Of Such Crimes Should Speak With A Los Angeles crime and immigration lawyer First. They Can Help Indicate The Exact Circumstances That May Apply To That Person. There Are General Guidelines That Apply To Immigrants Who Have Been Convicted Of Crimes.

Specific Issues

An immigrant who has been deported and attempts to come back to the United States has a separate set of issues than someone who is still here. A legal migrant who hasn’t left may be deported if they are convicted of either an aggravated felony or what the law calls a crime of moral turpitude. A criminal and immigration lawyer can explain what these terms mean to each person. These are legal terms that all those with such charges need to understand. A felony, as a criminal immigration attorney in Los Angeles can explain, is a broad term that includes a great many crimes. Felonies are generally considered very serious crimes. For example, someone who is convicted of rape or sexual abuse of a minor is considered to have committed a felony. The same is true of those who have been convicted of murder.

A crime may also be classified as a felony, as the criminal immigration attorney can further elucidate, if it exceeds a certain amount. This means that someone has engaged not just in tax fraud but in tax fraud above ten thousand dollars. A crime is also considered a felony if that crime means the person was convicted of a violent act and has served a year or more in prison. It is still considered a felony under law even if they only served a portion of that time. Crimes like treason and perjury can also be classified as felonies.

Moral Turpitude

A crime can be considered what is called a crime of moral turpitude. This is a term used under American law. A criminal and immigration lawyer can tell their client it is not necessarily one with that has deeply defined parameters. Courts and the American Department of State have weighed in on the matter as it pertains to immigrants. Crimes like fraud and larceny fall into this category. The same is true of criminal activity that has been intended to hurt things or harm people. Theft falls under this heading as does assault and abusing a spouse. A DUI may also fall under this umbrella. All of those who have been convicted of such crimes should be aware of the kind of consequences that may happen when that conviction is brought to the attention of immigration authorities. Keep in mind the kind of crimes that are considered moral turpitude may also vary depending on the state. Criminal statutes are different even a few miles away. It is vitally important to find out what kind of crimes may create conditions under which a defendant can possibly face deportation. This is why so many immigrants who are facing such issues choose to work with an immigration and crime lawyer in Los Angeles.

Legal Help

Legal help can sort many issues related to immigration and criminal activity. For example, a criminal immigration lawyer in Los Angeles might be able to get the charges reduced from moral turpitude to a misdemeanor. This can help someone avoid the possibility of deportation. A crime may be considered a petty offense. Petty offenses are crimes that fall into certain categories.

For example, if someone is convicted of shoplifting this might be considered this kind of crime with help from skilled legal counsel. The same is true of crimes such as DUI might be considered this form of offense if the person was driving with a legal license. All immigrants should keep in mind the offense of moral turpitude during their first five years in the United States may put them at risk. The same is true of those who commit more than one crime at any point while an immigrant in the United States. Good legal counsel can help your figure out what applies to you personally right now or what may be considered applicable in the past. Legal help is vitally important under these circumstances.