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Crime and Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles

When it comes to maintaining your green card, it is essential to keep a clean record. You may already have a valid green card and place of residence, but you still need a clean record. Immigration and crime go hand-in-hand. Those who have been convicted of a certain crime or will be convicted might be in danger of having their green card revoked or being deported.

Crimes That Can Result in Deportation

Committing a crime is like anything else in life–some crimes will carry more weight than others. Here are some crimes that can result in deportation:

  • Money laundering is a serious offense and you need a criminal immigration lawyer. Money laundering is when you make money that is obtained illegally appear to be clean. Money laundering typically will include foreign banks and businesses used as a cover.
  • Sexual assault or battery is considered a major offense, and you will need an immigration attorney in Los Angeles. Sexual battery is when you coerce someone to have sex with you against their will. Sexual assault is often linked to rape.
  • Domestic violence is another major crime that will lead to deportation if convicted. Domestic violence is when a person participates in patterns of abuse or violence at home. You will need an experienced criminal immigration attorney in Los Angeles if you face these charges.
  • Are you facing murder or  manslaughter charges? Murder is when you intentionally kill someone for a reason. Manslaughter is when you kill someone unintentionally through various actions.
  • Fraud is when you intentionally omit information for financial and personal gain, usually to deceive others.
  • Are you facing theft charges? Theft or robbery is when you take from someone else intentionally. Theft is a serious crime, no matter the reasons.
  • Alien smuggling is when you help a foreigner enter the country illegally. Any immigrant caught assisting an undocumented person enter the country without going through the proper channels will face serious charges and lose your green card.
  • A firearms conviction is any situation involving the use of a firearm, usually obtained illegally.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude, Aggravated Felonies, and Other Crimes Leading to Deportation

All immigrants, including those with a green card, can get deported if they have committed a crime involving moral turpitude. Immigrants arrested and charged with crimes of moral turpitude or aggravated felonies face deportation. Crimes of moral turpitude generally involve theft, dishonesty, and intention to harm others. Someone convicted of arson, grand theft auto, fraud, kidnapping, burglary, multiple DUIs or assault with a deadly weapon could find themselves facing deportation.

As for crimes involving aggravated felonies, here are some examples: Murder, sexual abuse of a minor, Child pornography, money laundering, rape, tax evasion of more than $10,000, and drug and firearms trafficking.

If you have been involved in crimes of moral turpitude or aggravated felonies that can lead to deportation, contact our team for legal help today. 

Can You Be Deported For a DUI Conviction?

DUI stands for “driving under the influence,” of either alcohol or drugs, or even both. A DUI is illegal and can result in serious accidents that can cause those involved to be seriously injured or killed. In addition, if convicted of a DUI, it can potentially jeopardize your green card and result in deportation. However, every case is unique and the consequences are dependent of each scenario. It is best to consult with an attorney who specializes in crimes and immigration so you can explain your case.

Can You Obtain a Green Card With a Criminal Record?

Each year, many people from other countries come into the United States looking to obtain a green card to ultimately gain citizenship. However, it is not an easy process. In fact, for those with a criminal record, it might be impossible to obtain a green card. However, those with lower level convictions may be able to obtain a green card. It is best to consult with an immigration lawyer to explain your case so we can determine if you can obtain a green card with a criminal record.

Petty Offenses and Immigration

Depending on certain penalties and prison sentences, specific crimes are considered “petty,” which means that it does not involve moral turpitude. This means that a petty offense would be considered an exception to immigration violations. If an immigrant has committed a crime that involved moral turpitude, then he or she will be deported. But what happens when your crime is a petty offense or a one-time thing? You might be able to get your case argued to avoid deportation. Contact our team of immigration lawyers to explain your case, as a petty offense may be an exception to immigration issues.

Crimes That Make Immigrants Inadmissible

There are many crimes that can make an immigrant inadmissible, including but not limited to:

  • Arson
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Burglary
  • Illegally cultivating marijuana
  • Forgery
  • Grand theft and grand theft auto
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Illegally selling controlled substances
  • Rape
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Repeated felony convictions for driving under the influence

Information On Social Media Can Get Immigrants Deported Or Denied Entry

DHS is now looking at immigrant’s social media profiles to see if they should be denied a green card or even worse, deported. It’s important not to be too candid on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Make sure not to post about committing a crime or about your entry to the U.S. If you are marrying a U.S. citizen and applying for a green card, make sure not to post that you are single.

Crimes That Make Immigrants Deportable

U.S. immigration officials want to welcome those who will make the country a better place, not commit crimes. A legal migrant may be deported if they are convicted of either a crime of moral turpitude or an aggravated felony. Keep in mind that serving a prison sentence of over a year for certain crimes can elevate them to felonies in the immigration system’s eyes.

Analysis Of Immigration Detention Policies

The bad news is that mandatory detention for immigrants is extremely expensive to the immigrant, but the good news is that it doesn’t mean automatic deportation. If you are detained, you can be locked up for years, so you should get in touch with our law office for immigration help immediately if you or a loved one are being detained by ICE.

Renewing Your Green Card After A Criminal Charge Or Conviction

Lawful permanent residents must renew their green cards every ten years, but you may be nervous if you have obtained a criminal charge or conviction in that time. A charge or conviction could keep you from getting a new green card. If you have a criminal past and need a green card, speak with an immigration lawyer, and they will use their thorough understanding of the laws to help you.

Why Helping Smuggle A Relative Across U.S. Border Can Get You Deported Or Denied A Green Card

The United States is very unsympathetic to immigrants who commit crimes. Helping to smuggle anyone into the country is a federal crime called alien smuggling. If you are found guilty, then you will be ineligible for a green card and any other kind of visa. This is because the goal of the immigration system is to let it those who are going to make it a better place, and in the opinion of the government, committing crimes is the opposite of that.

Post-Conviction Relief Versus Expungement

Expungement is when your case is sealed or erased in the eyes of the law. Expungements are generally not useful for immigration related matters because they are not recognized in the eyes of immigration law. Getting something erased because you completed your sentence is almost meaningless in U.S. immigration law.

To the contrary, post-conviction relief is when your past criminal history will be used in your defense. Did past counsel mishandle your case? The legal system might not have been made clear to you. You need a highly trained criminal immigration attorney in to accomplish this.

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