Who Is Eligible to Become a Naturalized U.S. Citizen

To become a citizen of any country, you have to go through procedures if you are not a citizen of that country by birth. This process of membership is known as Naturalization. Some foreigners don’t qualify to become a citizen of the United States.


One must be permitted by law, a green card holder, and physically present to be naturalized as a citizen of the United States. There are also military-related requirements that an immigrant should meet, among other procedures.

Not all green card holders qualify for citizenship since the rules in the country apply differently to different foreigners. But then, it is also an essential requirement that is needed for an immigrant to become eligible for registration. All details about the requirements to get through the entire process can be obtained from the immigration lawyer Pasadena.

There are two types of green card holders in the United States; these are the green card holders with particular circumstances and green card holders without conditions. Those with specific circumstances are given a different treatment by the law to become naturalized citizens of the United States while those without must wait for a minimum of five years after obtaining their green card. With the help of Pasadena citizenship lawyer, you will have a clear guide of what you need to complete everything right. They must have lived in the country for at least thirty months apart from the five years of green card waiting so they can qualify for the United States citizenship. This is because they do not have any circumstances for them getting treatment from the general rule.

Immigrants with such a title are qualified for single naturalization without a green card. The only requirement you must meet is to have been physically present in the country’s territory by the time you were connected to the United States military. With that, you can apply for naturalization with or without the holders’ green card. The naturalization lawyer Pasadena will provide you all the details that you should provide to make the process easy. Been a military member with wartime service doesn’t vary whether you were inducted, enlisted, reenlisted, or even extended your service; there is no listed time that one should have been in service. The only consideration is that you were enrolled as a member of the military service.

For an immigrant to become fully registered as a citizen or be allowed to participate in patriotic events like voting, games, and other significant things, he or she must meet the above requirements and wait for the given period time before been fully enrolled and issued with documents. Some of the documents are like the identification card, voter card, and other significant documents that contain information that shows that you are a citizen of the united states. Those documents are essential in case of law cases you can provide it to the required place and be on the safe side. The Pasadena naturalization attorney can be the best person to present you in such cases.

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