What’s the Difference Between A Work Permit & Permanent Legal Status

Living and working in the US is a dream for many around the world, and the US economy is dependent upon the labor of international citizens to fill critical job shortages. These have been authorized to work by conferment of a work visa, a lawful permanent resident (LPR) status or American citizenship. Work visas have restrictions: some are temporary, others are not. The competent employment visa lawyer Los Angeles at the Law Firm of Alami Law is well versed in matters of employment immigration law and can help you choose the right path for you.

Work Permits
An Employment Authorization Document (EAD), known as a work permit, allows foreign citizens in the US without residency rights to work temporarily for up to one year. They can work for any official company that hires them. Work permit renewals can be granted if the request satisfies a qualifying circumstance. However, these work permits do not of themselves lead to permanent US residency.

Permanent Legal Status
Permanent Legal Status is a legal classification that confers upon international citizens a permanent right to live and work in the US. Within this classification are two different paths, one of which is LPR. An LPR is a naturalized resident who receives an Alien Registration Card, also referred to as a green card, that also allows recipients to petition for close family members to live and work in the US. After receiving LPR status, a green card holder may no longer live outside of the country for longer than six months without the risk of losing his or her LPR status.

LPR recipients can apply for American citizenship which allows them to live in the US with the unfettered ability to work, and without immigration restrictions. Citizenship, however, is subject to revocation for certain abominable acts such as criminal activity or fraudulent misrepresentations on immigration applications. If you are planning to become a citizen, the immigration lawyer in Los Angeles at Alami Law can file complex, error-free documents and give your case a strong petition for success.

How Can I Get A Permanent Legal Status?
There are several roads that lead to Permanent Legal Status. Family-based immigration, business investment and asylum are two of several viable options. None of them are a walk in the park, however. Filing for PLS is a very complex matter and should only be done by those who are accustomed to filing successful applications with the USCIS. One mistake can delay or derail the entire application process and jeopardize your ability to remain in this country.

How Can the Work Visas Attorneys Los Angeles at Alami Law Help You?
If you are in the Los Angeles area and wish to live and work in the US, you have access to the superior quality services of the immigration lawyer in Los Angeles at Alami Law. With in-depth knowledge of constantly changing immigration laws and their proper application to your unique circumstances, they commit themselves to accessing for you what the law allows. The immigration labor attorney Los Angeles will meet with you to understand your specific needs and prepare your application professionally, without error and in accordance with USCIS requirements. The best practices and extensive experience of the employment immigration attorney Los Angeles is an effective path to your permanent resident hopes.

Every year, millions of international citizens work in this country and the highly experienced work visas attorneys Los Angeles achieve high success rates for their clients. So, if you are in need of an employment visa lawyer Los Angeles or an immigration labor attorney Los Angeles, give Alami Law a call today for your free consultation. We are ready to step in and get you on the right road to your success.

If you are a Los Angeles employer or farmer and don’t have time to fill out lengthy immigration documents, let us do it for you. The employment immigration attorney Los Angeles at Alami Law has a proven track record of helping hundreds of US employers successfully obtain work visas for their job candidates and families.

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