What Is An Immigration Hold?

An immigration hold is also referred to as a detainer. It is where a person who is held in jail until the ICE authority comes to pick them up. It can be frustrating to have a family member or friend in jail. The detention centers are not the same as ordinary jails. The centers may be in another state.

What Happens Next?
People who are held by ICE have the right to go before an immigration judge. However, if there is an order of removal, then the person will be deported. If one does not have order of removal, then they will have multiple hearings.

A bond will be set during the first hearing. A person will have their case heard during the second hearing. It is best to hire an immigration lawyer Pasadena before the second hearing. A family member may be able to argue against your removal.

For example, the family member may be able to prove that a person already has a green card. Your hearings will be automatically be scheduled.

What Can Friends and Family Members Do?
The first thing that you will need to do is find out where the detention center is. Tell them that they should not sign anything until they have spoken to a criminal immigration attorney. Keep in mind that it is common for people to be transferred from one facility to another one.

People can be moved without warning. You will need to contact a criminal immigration attorney Pasadena as soon as possible. No one should agree to a guilty plea just to avoid jail time because this could end up backfiring.

Your criminal and immigration lawyer can determine which facility your loved one is at. They can also prepare a defense that will help your loved one stay in the country.

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