What Happens When a Green Card Holder in the US Is Arrested?

As a permanent US resident and a green card holder, a run-in with the law enforcement authorities in Los Angeles can lead to loss of your residence status and deportation. Involvement in any criminal activity, whether convicted or not, may have dire consequences in your green card application.

What Should You Do After an Arrest?
If you face any criminal charges in LA, contact a Los Angeles crime and immigration lawyer, even if you already have a defense attorney. Only a criminal immigration defense Los Angeles will know the right strategy to ensure that little to no damage is done to your immigration status.

What to Do When Placed in an Immigration Hold
If local law enforcement agents detain you. You may find yourself placed on immigration detention or hold under the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement- ICE agents after being released from custody. You may be detained for 48 hours if suspected of violating the state’s immigration laws. According to AllLaw, there are three main reasons why you may be placed on ICE hold:

  • If you are undocumented or the state suspects you are living in the US illegally
  • If you have a green card and have committed a crime, it can make you deported from the US.
  • If you have a pending or prior order of removal on your immigration record.

Once you find yourself in an ICE hold in LA, contact an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to seek advice on the best way to dispute allegations leveled against you. The immigration laws are very complex, and the smallest detail of the arrest may change the classification of the crime you are suspected of committing. This will, in turn, have an effect on your qualifications for relief from removal. Ensure you seek help from an experienced immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to reduce your chances of deportation.

Obtaining a Green Card With a Criminal Record
The process of applying for a green card in the US consists mostly of numerous questions about your background information and any criminal history. If your criminal history is clear, you don’t have to worry. However, for some applicants with a criminal record, filling out a green card can be quite stressful as any police record could be a reason for denial. Contact a Los Angeles lawyer for obtaining a green card with a criminal record to help you navigate the hoops.

According to Boundless not all criminal records will lead to denial. However, if you are a convicted felon with aggregated felonies such as drug trafficking, murder, filing false tax returns, and sexual abuse, you automatically become ineligible for a green card. If you contact a criminal immigration defense Los Angeles, they can help you apply for a waiver of inadmissibility to remove the criminal history from your application process. According to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, this waiver requires you to prove that once you are allowed into the US, you will not endanger the lives of the citizens, or your spouse may experience extreme hardships if you are not allowed into the country. However, some crimes such as murder and torture may not be excused with the waiver.

Bottom Line- Seek Help
While having a criminal record can complicate applying for a green card, getting arrested can also lead to deportation. If in doubt about how an arrest or a criminal record may affect your residence status, contact a Los Angeles lawyer for obtaining a green card with a criminal record or a Los Angeles crime and immigration lawyer to help you with the process.

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