What Happens After an ICE Raid?

The current political climate means that immigration is always a topic of discussion and people from other countries are constantly a main focus. Recently, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has become very adamant about arresting foreign nationals and taking them to detention centers. For these individuals, daily trips outside of the home can feel risky and they fear what their fate is should an ICE officer approach them. As a foreign national awaiting the processing of their asylum claim, it is important to have a deportation attorney who can help you in the unfortunate event of an arrest. Many immigrants are unaware of the procedure that takes place when ICE decides to raid a facility or make an individual arrest, but a deportation immigration attorney can describe the process in detail.

How Does ICE Make an Arrest?
Once ICE has the information of a person who may be undocumented, they will usually wait outside of that person’s home for them to exit so that they can be arrested. The immigrant should be then read their rights and have the option to either remain silent or request an attorney before answering questions.

What Happens After the Arrest?
After the arrest is made, the foreign national is then taken to a local ICE office for processing, which can take a number of hours. During this time, a deportation lawyer Pasadena can submit a motion that will reopen the deportation case which delays the removal of the immigrant. The attorney can also request a Skype meeting with their client. At this point, if the foreign national agrees to deportation, steps are taken to prepare for their removal out of the country. If this is not the route that is chosen, the immigrant must wait for a hearing which can often times take months to be scheduled.

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