What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?
Immigration lawyers maintain a different type of practice in comparison to other lawyers. They’re involved with clients who are experiencing difficulty either entering or remaining in the United States. On that basis, immigration lawyers are often active as consultants and advisers to foreign nationals who must obtain various types of approval from the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. That approval might involve various types of visas, temporary or permanent residence, removal issues or naturalization and U.S. Citizenship. On that basis, most immigration lawyers are in court far less than attorneys who might practice civil litigation.

When You Need an Immigration Lawyer
Most visa or residency applicants retain an immigration lawyer Pasadena for purposes of assistance in properly submitting forms and supporting documentation. Sometimes retaining an immigration attorney Pasadena is unquestionably necessary. Here are some examples of some of those situations:

Convicted of a Crime: Any criminal conviction must be disclosed. It’s likely that your immigration lawyer will be able to deal with your conviction.
Any Prior Denials: If you submitted one or more applications in the past, and they were denied, an immigration lawyer can probably tell you why they were denied. You might be able to apply again.
Previous Deportation or Exclusion: A person might be permanently barred from applying for entry in the future. An immigration attorney can advise him or her on this.
Application Delays: Delays in processing applications aren’t unusual. An immigration attorney can probably tell an applicant the reason for a delay.
Divorce and Remarriage: A question might arise on a fraudulent first marriage.
Children Reaching 21: The rules change when a child reaches 21.
More USCIS Documentation: Applicants often don’t know what to do when supplementary documents are required.

To avoid problems, we encourage immigrants to work with a Pasadena immigration attorney from the Alami Law from the start. That’s because immigration matters can quickly become complex. Before you try to stumble through the barriers to U.S. immigration, speak with the best immigration lawyers that you can find here at Alami Law. We can save you months or even years of time, frustration and heartache. If you have an immigration hearing or criminal case pending, you’ll want to speak with us right away.

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