US H-1B Visa to Become Even More Difficult to Obtain

Employers who are looking to obtain legal citizenship for their employees must go through the H-1B visa process. This is a type of quota that is very heavily subscribed to by businesses. There is a lottery each year for the available visas. Therefore, there’s no guarantee of getting the visas for these employees, according to any knowledgeable employment visa lawyer Los Angeles.

Trump Work Visa Ban

The Trump Work Visa Ban was released towards the end of June 2020. It was filed under Proclamation 10014 from the White House and suspended entry of immigrants into the United States Labor Market. It was established by the present government that due to the economic impacts of the Coronavirus Outbreak, unemployment rates were skyrocketing to all-time high. This visa ban was enacted with the intent of saving open jobs in the United States for true citizens and not immigrants.

As any legal immigration help Los Angeles professional will reveal, the H-1B visa availability is minimal right now. However, the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) has submitted a regulation draft to the Office Of Management And Budget (OMB). This new draft is said by an experienced immigration labor attorney Los Angeles to contain restrictions regarding relationships between employers and employees. It’s also to redefine what is considered a specialty occupation. Your employment immigration attorney Los Angeles can help you to understand the specifics of the draft that was submitted.

The OMB was traditionally expected to release the new H-1B restrictions in December. However, with the election coming up in November, that’s no longer true. They’re pushing in their final stages of approval to be released before the election. This accelerated review is considered by many to be at the instruction of President Trump.

As many work visas attorneys Los Angeles can reveal, the restrictions of H-1B visas has been at the top of the Trump Administration’s list since the beginning. Each new restriction coming out makes it increasingly difficult for employers to bring in employees with skills they need to function at their best.

Denial Rates Are On The Rise

Talk with any employment visa lawyer Los Angeles and you’ll quickly find out that visa denial rates are on the rise. With the recent restrictions to the H-1B visa, IT firms are noticing a sharp increase in their refusal rates. Comparing 2019 refusal rates to 2020 rates, there was an increase from 21 to 29 percent. Any immigration labor attorney Los Angeles will tell you that this is a stark difference. This data suggests to most work visas attorneys Los Angeles that USCIS is using different standards for deciding approval of H-1B visas for firms of the information and technology industry.

While denial of new H-1B visas has clearly been on the rise for IT-related firms, any employment immigration attorney Los Angeles has noticed that renewals of existing visas are being accepted. Most renewals are going through effortlessly as long as the applicant is working for the same company and is in the same role their initial H-1B visa was filed for. If you’re seeking to renew your H-1B visa, you can get legal immigration, which can make the process easier. Contact our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles today.

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