Understanding Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude

Crimes involving moral turpitude entail some action that offends the public conscience. Some of the most heinous crimes can involve a moral turpitude component.

The following crimes may involve moral turpitude: aggravated kidnapping, robbery, arson, child or spousal abuse, rape, and prostitution. There are other crimes like bigamy and pandering that could also be considered crimes involving moral turpitude.

The most interesting aspect of crimes involving moral turpitude is the fact that moral turpitude itself is not a crime, strictly speaking. Instead of being a specific offense, crimes of moral turpitude is a legal classification assignable to the aforementioned crimes that offend the public conscience.

Crimes of moral turpitude can increase a defendant’s sentence, result in a loss of professional license, and even lead to the deportation of the defendant if the defendant is ultimately found guilty in a court of law. If you’re facing deportation, contact criminal immigration attorney Pasadena or immigration lawyer Pasadena today.

Crimes involving moral turpitude have the following characteristics: shocking to the public conscience, vile and/or depraved, and contrary to the overriding rules and morals of a society. As you can tell, crimes like spousal abuse and pandering are crimes that could easily entail a moral turpitude component since these crimes can entail behavior that runs counter to the morals of the society.

The legal concept of crimes involving moral turpitude is very nebulous, though. This vagueness is owed partly to the fact that moral turpitude is not itself a crime, but it also has something to do with the fact that there’s no set standard for defining the manner in which this nebulous standard is to be objectively determined in each case. Juries and judges determine on a case-by-case basis whether the evidence presented in the case rises to the level of vile behavior.

Juries and judges will often make a determination as to whether the crimes in question involve evil intent or a rule-rejecting level of recklessness. To the latter point, many people are surprised to discover that crimes involving moral turpitude can involve manslaughter in addition to homicide. Homicide clearly involves a legal of evil intent that isn’t always present in manslaughter.

If you’re facing a crime involving a moral turpitude case, then you should contact a criminal and immigration lawyer who has dealt with these cases in the past. A criminal immigration attorney can help you win your case.

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