Trump’s COVID-19 Visa Bans May Alter the Face of American Immigration Beyond the Pandemic

Legal immigration help in Los Angeles has never been simpler. With Alami Law, you too can enjoy the freedoms that come from properly completing the immigration process. The COVID-19 epidemic has altered how people work. According to the Pew Research Center , COVID-19 has changed our social behaviors and limited public religious activity. You might be considering immigration. If so, it would be wise to get a Los Angeles family immigration lawyer to help you. Why? In order to legally function in the United States, you need a green card. A green card is the paperwork that says that you are an approved resident in the United States. It is a step in the path to full citizenship.

A green card attorney Los Angeles knows how to match you with the eligibility requirements. The wisdom of having outside professional help while considering immigration cannot be understated. According to Sruthi Darbhamulla for the Chicago Reporter, President Trump has signed a law that prevents people from acquiring work visas if they are foreigners. The ban is till the end of 2020. Your family might be affected by this law. If so, it is strongly recommended that you consider getting legal help. However, there are some key exceptions to the visa ban law. A permanent residency attorney Los Angeles knows these exceptions. If you are married to a U.S. citizen, your ability to immigrate is not affected. An attorney for immigrant families Los Angeles has the knowledge of green card applications that can get you permanent residency in the United States. When you know the challenge that you have to face, it makes it easier to win. A permanent residency attorney Los Angeles is skilled in preventing the United States government from deporting you. We can try to get you the approval that you need to stay in the country.

Something that you should remember is that the more skills you have, the better likelihood you have of getting your green card. Green card eligibility requirements include family, work, and refugee categories. Legal immigration help in Los Angeles is the place to come to if you are in need. Our Los Angeles family immigration lawyer handles the complexities of bringing children with you to your new home. Do not hesitate to consider your family’s future happiness as you think about immigrating. Our attorney for immigrant families Los Angeles has connections. Contact Alami Law for a great green card attorney Los Angeles. Our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles is ready to assist you!</span

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