Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Immigration

President Trump stated that he would shut down the government if Congress did not support his immigration reform and fund the wall. He posted this threat on Twitter. This is not the first time that he has threatened to shut down the government. In May, President Trump stated that the government would be closed for a long time if the wall was not funded.

In February, President Trump stated that he would love to see a government shutdown if Congress did not back his immigration plans. In March, Congress passed a spending bill that would stop a government shutdown until September. The government shut down for three days in January. President Trump also stated that he is never going to sign another bill like the one that he signed in March.

After President Trump posted the threat on Twitter, many Republicans stated that they did not agree with a government shutdown. Many believed that the government would not go through that. Steve Stivers is a representative in Ohio is the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee and believes that the government will not shut down and President Trump’s threats are just words.

Congress would do everything in their power to make sure that the government stays open. However, A much better immigration reform and policies must be made to accommodate everyone. The midterm elections are coming up in November. Many people believe that the immigration issue will hurt the Republicans. Others believe that this issue will help them.

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