Trump Extends Covid-related Bans on Visas and Green Cards

It has always been your dream to live and work in the United States. You need not give up on that aspiration. Although the last four years have seen a tightening of restrictions on visas and green cards of all kinds, the future looks much brighter. No matter the status you are applying for, you will need legal immigration help Los Angeles. An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles is the only one qualified to provide you with the legal immigration help Los Angeles you need.

Why It May Be a Good Idea to Wait

Your immigration lawyer in Los Angeles may advise you to delay any further application for a visa until the Biden administration takes over. U.S. immigration law is likely to see some changes under President-elect Biden and a Senate and House of Representative controlled by his party. But for now, the policy of the current administration is in effect. And if you apply for a visa or green card now, your application may be refused.

On New Year’s Eve 2020, President Trump extended pandemic-related bans on green cards and work visas to large groups of applications. The ban is extended through March 31st. Although President-elect Biden has promised to undo many of Trump’s actions, it is unclear how quickly he will move once he is sworn into office, and it is unclear which specific policies he will reverse.

In April 2020, the Trump administration imposed a ban on green cards for family members of people already in the United States. In June, he extended the ban to include all H-1B visas, H-2B visas, J-1 visas for cultural exchanges, and L-1 visas which cover managers and other vital employees of multinational corporations. The Trump administration also pushed to expel asylum-seekers who crossed the border illegally from Mexico.

In October of last year, a federal judge ruled that the work-visa ban could not be enforced against a group of people and organizations that sued the administration. In December, another federal judge prevented the green-card ban from taking effect against 181 people who sued.

Move Ahead with Caution

The rulings by these federal judges have not settled the matter. In fact, it is not certain whether the next administration will continue to defend the ban in court. If you are a legal immigrant trying to sponsor a green card for your family or you are an undocumented person trying to get legal status, your best move now is to wait and see what the new administration will do about the ban.

In the meantime, you can start planning your future. You should seek counsel from the law offices of immigration Los Angeles. Attorneys working in these law firms will have insight into whether the ban against green cards and work visas will be lifted, and they will keep you informed of the latest developments. The professionals working in law offices of immigration Los Angeles will also tell you which visas you are eligible for if the ban is lifted so you can begin gathering the needed information and filling out the application forms.

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