Trump administration tries to push last-minute immigration limits

Since the beginning of his first presidency, Trump has pushed strict ideas about immigration into the United States. With a change in power shortly approaching, the Trump Administration is trying to expedite last-minute policy alterations that would continue to limit immigration into the country.

Legal immigration help Los Angeles has specifically noticed that many of Trump’s policy changes regarding immigration have been done in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic. As of right now, the Department of Homeland Security is currently pushing agreements to have asylum seekers deported to Central American countries. They also have their sights set on limiting work permits and student visas.

Any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles isn’t surprised at these last-minute moves. Rather, it’s quite expected when it comes to the twilight hours of every presidential administration. The Trump Administration is well-known for its massive overhaul of the immigration system and wants to ensure that their work stays solidified under the next administration.

Law offices of immigration Los Angeles have noted that Stephen Miller seems to be behind this immigration push. Miller is President Trump’s leading immigration adviser. He’s a major play behind the immigration overhaul over the recent years. Many pro-immigration organizations have pointed out Miller’s betrayal of the United States. They believe that Americans should be welcoming immigrants, as this country was initially started by immigrants.

Many advocates for the reduction of immigrants have agreed that the Trump Administration has made a lot of progress on the subject of immigration restriction. At this point, it’s believed that most of the biggest changes have already rolled out. Unfortunately, Biden has railed against immigration reduction and has vowed to undo some of Trump’s immigration policies.

The Asylum Cooperative Agreements

Legal immigration help Los Angeles has been following the significant changes that have been made to the U.S. asylum policy. Many immigrants have been sent to other countries to plead their cases as the U.S. has turned away those seeking asylum. As of right now, only the Guatemala agreement is fully functioning. The agreements in Honduras and El Salvador are still in the early stages.

Regulations Of Work Permits

Any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles knows that the Trump Administration has been on a harsh path of limiting work permit visas. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security made a proposal to ban undocumented immigrants who are being removed from the U.S. from getting work permits.

These limitations have also been thrown at student visas. More specifically, the Department of Homeland Security has proposed limiting the amount of time a student can remain within the country. This has been an area that has seen a large push with the use of substantial resources to ensure it’s institution before the Trump Administration leaves their office.

Many law offices of immigration Los Angeles are holding tight to see what sort of legislation and agreements will be instituted prior to Trump’s removal from office. The Biden-Harris Administration has already spoken up about their pro-immigrant status, which has everybody on edge to see what changes stick and which ones are reversed. 

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