Top Ten Tips Immigrants Should Know

Top Ten Tips Immigrants Should Know

1. Consider pre-planning for setbacks in any sort of process. The United States
Citizenship and Immigration Services are infamous for continuously running late.
Historically, it has been stated that some application processes have taken from two to
four years to be entirely resolved. It is vital to avoid waiting for your visa or green card
to expire, as waiting can and will make you vulnerable to detainment and possibly
deportation. It is recommended for you to anticipate and pre-plan for any sort of timely
setback in regards to your process.

2. Contemplate Naturalization in the US. If you’ve had a green card for five years or
you’re filing as the spouse of a US citizen and you’ve had a green card for three years or
acquired it through marriage with a US citizen, you are eligible to apply for US
citizenship. Becoming a citizen of the United States will make you less vulnerable to
certain cases regarding deportation, which would less likely protect you if you were a
permanent resident and carried a green card. Becoming a citizen assists you with the
right and ease of helping immediate relatives obtain legality in the US. If you or
someone you know is contemplating naturalization, contact our immigration lawyers
in Los Angeles.

3. Prevent Summary Removals. Summary removal is a right entitled to border
officials by the US government to reject your entry into the country for reasons they
consider of risk, unlawfulness, or guideline breaking. Prevent summary removal by
convincing the official that you are worth of a visa. If you’re a tourist and plan visiting
the United States, be certain of what you may bring with you, as bringing objects that
may suggest longer stay can also incite a border official to apply summary removal.

4. Inform the USCIS of any change of address. If you are planning to stay for more
than one month you are required to inform the USCIS of any change of address.
Regardless the situation, family or single, one separate notification must be created for
each and every individual and must be mailed in by no more than ten days of the
address change. If you are seeking assistance, please contact our family based
immigration lawyers. In the USCIS website, you can find the change of address
notification. If your application is ongoing, remember to mail in written notice of your
address change to any USCIS administering your case.

5. Contemplate filing various petitions for Visa. The laws allow you to file through,
not just one, but more than one eligible family member for your visa or permanent
resident (green) card. For further help, we encourage you to contact our immigration
visas attorney.

6. Punctuality is key in meetings with US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Avoid arriving late to any programed meeting relative to the US Citizenship and
Immigration Services, embassy, courts and consulates as not being punctual can lead to
possible deportation and setbacks in your application process. As mentioned earlier, as
the USCIS is infamous for running late and causing setbacks, it is vital for you to avoid
any type of setback that can be avoided through your part.

7. Don’t fail to comply with any laws or provisions regarding immigration visa.
Violating any sort of provisions or laws regarding your immigration visa can be very
unfortunate. Contact our immigration visas lawyer for further questions and concerns
regarding laws around provisions and work permits, permanent resident (green) card,
and immigration visas. Any sort of violation will make you vulnerable to an
invalidation of immigration visa, deportation or becoming banned from the US.

8. Retain copies and stay up to date with the status of the application.
Inconveniently, the US Citizenship and Immigration services are infamous for
frequently misplacing files. When mailing any sort of files to the USCIS, make sure to
send it through certified mail and making copies.

9. Seek for help through legislators. If you are experiencing any sort of
complications, get in touch with your respective congressman. US congress people
would be more than glad and willing to inquire and help fasten the pace of your
application process by contacting the respective agency.

10. Seek Information from dependable references. Be mindful and smart by doing
your search! Don’t fall victim to bogus and deceptive information that can cause you to
deviate your process negatively and harm you and the people you give the advice you
learnt. Every case is varies from the rest and must be taken with extreme precaution
and meticulousness. False information will harm you, do your research and contact our
immigration attorney in Los Angeles to help clarify all of your questions.

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