Top 3 Steps to Becoming a Citizen of the United States

Step #1: Know if you are eligible for citizenship
The primary thing our immigration attorney in Los Angeles recommends you to take into consideration is: Do you meet the basic requirements for citizenship? With this information in hand, our immigration attorney will be able to assist you and provide you with two options and routes towards citizenship:

1. Through your one or both of parents or,
2. Through the process of naturalization

As mentioned previously, one way to become a citizen is through one or both of your parents. If one or both of your parents was a US citizen at the time of your birth and you are still below 18 years of age, you may be able to qualify if you meet the basic requirements for eligibility. Consult our naturalization attorney at Alami Law for more information on this subject.

In addition, another way to become a citizen is through naturalization. Differently to the naturalization through parents, this route does not require your parents to have been citizens at the time of your birth. If you fall into this category, unfortunately, it will cost you a bit more time and money. In order for our naturalization lawyer to assist you, you must fulfill the subsequent eligibility requirements:

– 5 years of United States permanent residence, also known as green card
– 5 years of continuous residence in the United States before applying for citizenship, it is important to note that you must have not spent more than 1 year outside of the US
– Must have been continuously present in the United States for at least 30 months
– Must have been living in the state or district from which you applied for, for at least 3 months
– Been 18 years of age or older
– Must be of a good and moral character
– Must be able to write, read, and speak basic English
– Must be able to pass the United States Civics exam
– Must swear your allegiance to the US

Step #2: Fill out the N-400 Form, also known as the application for naturalization
As many will know, the N-400 form is the most costly, lengthy and most difficult part of the entire process. The form tends to be about 18 pages and requires of additional paperwork to supplement it. The average costs of the application and biometrics is around $640 and $85, respectively. The application will require you to provide information relating to your family, employment, address and country of origin; similarly, it will ask for information regarding your immigration and criminal history. It is important to note that any false information can and will affect your entire process in many different ways. For this reason, it is important for you to consult with our naturalization lawyer to avoid any sort mistakes that will lead to setbacks and negative consequences such as rejection and loss of money invested in the application itself.

Step #3: Must pass the citizenship exam and complete the interview process
Like previously sated, it is important for you to be able to write, read, and speak in basic English in order to pass the English exam which will take place when you are given the interview with an immigration official. The immigration official will grade you upon your verbal skills and how well you read sentences and answer the questions in English, which is highly tied to how well you comprehend the English language.
Another test that must be completed is the Civics Test which is comprised of a pool of 100 questions, in which of those 100 questions, 10 will be chosen for you to answer, you must answer at least 6 questions to pass the exam. For more information on how to prepare for the exam we advise you to consult with our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to help assist you in anything related to the process of naturalization. Call our immigration attorney at 888-990-6020 and get all of your questions answered!

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