Time Frame for Sponsoring a Family Member for a Green Card

Are you ready to sponsor a green card application for a migrant family member? If so, you should be aware that the timeline for doing so can be very long. This is especially true during the present administration when many roadblocks are being purposely erected to slow the process.

However, if you are determined to see the process through, a family immigration lawyer can help you. We know all of the steps that need to be taken as well as all of the various hoops that you and your migrant relative will have to jump through.

The Process for Getting a Green Card May Be Long and Tedious
Please keep in mind that the time that it takes to receive a green card will depend on a number of factors. Your relative that you wish to sponsor may fit into a certain category. There may be a limit on how many green cards will be given to people in that category during the year. This may slow down the process immensely.

How Can a Family Based Immigration Lawyer Help You?
When it comes to getting your family immigration visa, the best person to call on is a family based immigration lawyer. We can help you gather all of the necessary documentation and paperwork that needs to be completed before your relative can be considered for a family immigration visa.

Your immigration lawyer may be able to help you challenge the classification that your relative has been placed in. This will help them move into a more attractive category. This may speed up the time it takes to get them the visa they need to enter the country.

Get in Touch with the Immigration Lawyer Pasadena Residents Rely On
If you want to do all in your power to speed up the green card process, your best bet is to hire a knowledgeable and experienced legal authority. You can use the services of the immigration lawyer Pasadena residents rely on to help them sponsor their immigrant relatives. The sooner you do so, the sooner we can get to work.

We can show you how to make the necessary moves that will help streamline the process of getting a green card for your relatives. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do on your behalf.

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