The Trump Administration Is Considering Excluding Some Immigrant Children From A Controversial Pandemic Border Policy

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump Administration has considered policy changes to their pandemic border restrictions. Under the current restrictions, unaccompanied immigrant children were quickly returned to their birth country. However, the Trump Administration is considering changing this restriction in regards to exportation to four countries that require negative coronavirus testing before entering.

Our law offices of immigration Los Angeles can reveal to you the specific CDC guidelines that were enacted by the Trump Administration. The most important notation is that border officials were granted access to expel immigrants at the Southern Border immediately. Before this restriction was enacted, the border officials had to house the immigrants at U.S. facilities until immigration proceedings were completed.

The pandemic restrictions that are currently in place were noted to be an important measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Many believe that the border agents have used this restriction with the intent to drastically reduce immigration into the United States. Border agents have exported at least 140,000 immigrants immediately since March 2020.

Despite public opinion, the first draft of the Trump Administration’s alteration to their pandemic restrictions is in the works. The specific amendment will stop the immediate export of immigrants from four countries. All of these four countries require that all individuals entering their countries test negative for COVID-19. What countries make up this ultimate four? No one seems to know as the amendment draft doesn’t reveal the identity of any of them.

CDC Director Robert Redfield has made statements regarding the amendment to the pandemic restrictions which hint at the fact that these four countries simply won’t accept citizens who aren’t tested and have negative results. Any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can be contacted when an immigrant is placed in U.S. holding while testing is underway. As of right now, ICE has revealed that the number of people who are housed due to this amendment is minimal.

In respect to children, the unaccompanied minors from these four specific countries would be taken to an Office of Refugee Resettlement Shelter, which is in ICE custody. This action is the prior practice that was undergone when immigrant children were picked up by border control. Traditionally, children would stay in these shelters as they worked with their immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to apply for asylum and get reunited with family members.

Many law offices of immigration Los Angeles have sought to assist these immigrant children as they believe the pandemic restrictions have been unjust. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has recently filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court with the intent to represent the children who are being treated unjustly. Many are offering their legal immigration help to Los Angeles to these children when possible.

In early September of 2020, a federal judge ordered that the Trump Administration stop detaining these immigrant children in hotels and other places that are not refugee shelters. Those that offer legal immigration help Los Angeles are waiting to see how this judge order will change the restrictions and processes implemented by border agents.

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