Temporary Ban On Entry Of Non-Immigrant Visa Workers May Be Coming

Amid the pandemic, the Trump Administration has brought up talks about reducing the number of temporary work permits permitted for immigrants. The specifics of this temporary band is still in the works as Government officials are determining what industries may be exempt from this ban. Let’s take a look at the key facts that we currently know.

What Workers Will Be Affected?
There are various temporary visa programs out there. You can enlist the help of a Los Angeles visa lawyer for non-immigrants to explain the differences. However, the following are ones that will likely be affected by the new ban:

  • Optional Practical Training
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Program
  • L-1 Program
  • H-2B Program
  • H-1B Program

Any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles will reveal to you that temporary bans are part of the ongoing effort to mitigate the rise of COVID-19 cases throughout the country. While there have been no major changes to the policies regarding these visa workers, some are expected in the future. It’s believed by visa attorneys Los Angeles that the Trump Administration will be dealing with new policies after they see the response they get from the temporary ban.

Will Certain Industries Be Exempt From This New Ban?
Any US tourist visa lawyer Los Angeles will presume that there will be some exceptions to this new temporary ban. It’s thought that the healthcare industry is one, especially those who are working directly on the COVID-19 response. However, there are no strict talks about the exemptions by the Trump Administration just yet. You  should talk with an experienced US tourist visa lawyer Los Angeles to stay up-to-date.

The April 22nd Proclamation
On April 22, 2020, President Trump issued a proclamation. This entailed a 30 day period for Homeland Security and Secretaries of Labor to devise a consultation with the Secretary Of State. This consultation is intended to share a review of the nonimmigrant programs in the country and to make recommendations about appropriate measures to stimulate the economy. The whole concept behind this proclamation as it was presented to the public was to help prioritize U.S. workers over immigrants.

The Response To The Proclamation
Visa attorneys Los Angeles have read over many responses that were created from the proclamation. Some companies are stating that this temporary ban can hinder the recovery of losses for many businesses who are struggling as a result of the pandemic. Others, like the Chamber of Commerce, are citing lower unemployment rates in industries that are typically dominated by H-1B workers. They believe the pandemic has allowed more American citizens to overtake jobs in these sectors.

Let Your Government Officials Know
Right now is the key time for businesses to speak up regarding this proposed ban. Employers who rely heavily on foreign works may want to seek the help of a Los Angeles visa lawyer for non-immigrants to get their views known. Understanding the politics behind this ban and what you need to do for your workers is a necessity. Hiring an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to oversee the doings of your company has all but become a necessity to ensure you comply with the laws.

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