Study Finds No Crime Increase in “Sanctuary” Cities, Despite Claims by Trump

A new study by experts at Stanford University has found that “sanctuary” cities, which protect some undocumented immigrants, do not experience higher crime rates. This challenges statements made by President Donald Trump, who frequently claims that sanctuary policies result in more crime and less safety.

Sanctuary and safety

A “sanctuary” city is a jurisdiction whose leaders choose to help protect some undocumented immigrants against possible deportation from the United States. Authorities in these cities may shield undocumented people who are found to have committed minor and nonviolent offenses from federal immigration agents. Unlike in some areas, local law enforcement agencies in “sanctuary” cities may allow these people to go free once their offense is resolved, rather than handing them over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for potential removal from the country. This can help families and communities to stay together while also ensuring public safety for the area.

The Los Angeles city council declared Los Angeles a “sanctuary” city in 2019. However, undocumented people who are facing action in the criminal justice system should seek help from a Los Angeles crime and immigration lawyer. Obtaining criminal immigration defense in Los Angeles can help people in difficult situations to understand their rights and to make the best decisions for their future.

Foreign-born people living in the city may also want to seek legal immigration help Los Angeles. This could help them to review their options for how to proceed with their lives and careers in California with safety and security. For those people who have had past encounters with law enforcement, a Los Angeles lawyer for obtaining a green card with a criminal record can help to ensure that an application for permanent residence is accepted rather than rejected.

President Trump has condemned “sanctuary” cities and threatened to punish them by withholding federal funding. In 2016, he stated that “sanctuary” policies had “resulted in so many needless deaths.”

But the new study by Stanford researcher David K. Hausman casts doubt on these claims. Hausman’s work, which compared crime data in more than 200 “sanctuary” cities, detected no significant spike in crime in those areas. The study found that while deportations of undocumented people committing nonviolent offenses was reduced, authorities continued to deport violent offenders at the same rate.

Seeking assistance

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