Steps to Applying for U Visas or a U Status

First, you must determine whether you are eligible for a U Visa ( non immigrant visas ) or U Status in the United States. After you have determined whether you are eligible or not, you must complete and turn in the application for either U Visa ( non immigrant visas ) or U Status. When in the completing the application, the steps below are vital to take into account:

Step 1: Complete the USCIS Form I-918, and petition for U Nonimmigrant Status.
You can easily obtain the Form I-918 and its supplemental documentation in the website, under the I-918 page. Similarly, our immigration visas attorney can also assist you with downloading and completing the documentation for higher accuracy.

Step 2: Have a licensed organization supply a certification of your collaboration to support the I-918 petition.
A necessary step to the application is that you will need to have a police officer, judge or any other law enforcement official complete the “certification of helpfulness” in your behalf. This step is completed in the Form I-918 Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification.

Step 3: Collect evidence to prove your eligibility and claims of significant injury.
Just like any other situation in life, you’ll be needing proof and evidence that will support and give validity to your claim. Some examples of this can be:

A personal written or spoken statement, stating, in a detailed manner, as to how and why you are the victim of a criminal act and every important point necessary about the criminal act.

Related third party evidence such as: trial records, newspaper/magazine articles, police reports, testimonies of witnesses or officials who were present in or after the moment of the criminal act, and restraining orders.
Evidence further supporting and stating the significant damage, physical and mental, such as: medical records, photographic evidence portraying the injury, testimonies from police officers, medical staff and social workers, as well as from individuals who know about the criminal act.

An immigration visas lawyer can assist you with putting all of the documentation together leaving you the responsibility of choosing who the best sources might be and who you’ll want to include in the process as well.

Step 4: If in the case that you have family members interested in working in the United States, each and every single family member interested must fill out a separate Form I-765 to apply for a worker’s permit.
The person petitioning for the U Visa ( non immigrant visas ) or U Status doesn’t necessarily need to be troubled about registering for a worker’s permit, also known as, the EAD. It is this because once the I-918 form is approved, the petitioner will automatically be sent the EAD.

Any family members who are interested in working must submit a separate and personal I-765 form to the USCIS with fee included (if you have a fee waiver, they can also be accepted). Once completed, you can send this documentation with the I-918 petitioner’s package or you can apply for worker’s permit after the I-918 form has received and approval.

Step 5: Turn in the petition and supporting documentation to the USCIS.
Once you’ve finished completing the application, it is vital to make copies and submit the forms and documentation to the USCIS address written on the I-918 form.

Step 6: Present yourself in an interview at the USCIS or at the United States consulate near you, if necessary.
At an interview, the immigration officials will review your records and applications and speak with you regarding the eligibility you might have for U Visa or in another situation, speak with you about the relationship you might have with the petitioner to make sure you are overall eligible to enter the United States. Depending how the interview plays out, hopefully well, you will know whether you will be approved for a U Visa ( non immigrant visas ) or U status.

To prepare for and to have the maximum amount of accuracy and possibilities of obtaining a U Visa ( non immigrant visas ) or U Status, we highly advise you to contact our highly successful immigration visas attorney and/or our immigration visas lawyer to help you prepare for the interview and completely manage your case. Call now to 888-990-6020 to set up an appointment as soon as possible, we want to help you! Our immigration lawyer Pasadena is ready to help.

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