Sponsoring Sibling for a Green Card

When it comes to living in the United States, it’s highly-desired by many around the world. The land of the free is probably the biggest reason that many want to live here instead of their home country. After you obtain permanent citizenship, it’s likely that you’ll want to bring the rest of your family members into the United States as well. In today’s short article, we’re going to discuss how a family immigration lawyer can help you to sponsor a sibling for a green card.

Before we get too far into the discussion, we want to first state that sponsoring a sibling is much like sponsoring other members of your family. Besides some obvious differences in the relationship, the sponsorship process is pretty much the same. Your family based immigration lawyer should be able to talk you through the entire sponsorship process and answer any questions you have along the way.

Necessary Requirements You Must Satisfy

To get started, you must be a permanent U.S. citizen. This means you must’ve been born in the United States or have been naturalized via your own green card. You’ll also need to be 21 years of age. These two are musts before you can apply to get a green card for any of your siblings. If you don’t meet either of these qualifications, you may discuss other options with your family immigration visa lawyer.

The Sponsorship Process

Once you’ve verified that you meet the two requirements above, it’s time to get started on the sponsorship process. You should enlist the help of your immigration lawyer Pasadena from the very start. They’ve done the sponsorship process many times and have a set system in place that will provide you with the fastest results possible. Doing the sponsorship process on your own is viable, however, it leaves a lot of room for human error.

You’ll need to start by having your experienced legal professional fill out a Form I-130, which is basically a Petition for Alien Relative. This must be filed and approved by the state department. During this process, your sibling will have to wait to receive an immigrant visa number. The United States only allows 65,000 immigrant visas to be approved per year. This means that it could take a few years for your sibling to be accepted and allowed to have their very own green card.

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