President Trump Threatens To Use Military To Stop Flow Of Illegal Immigrants

United States President Donald Trump stated on Thursday that he is willing to consider military action to stem the flow of immigrants into America through the southern border of the country. President Trump says this action is possible if Mexico does not increase its own efforts to affect the situation.

Trump voiced the message via a series of Tweets. In the Tweets, the president also took the time to blame the Democratic Party for the problem. The president explained that putting an end to the ‘onslaught’ is more important to him than trade agreements with Mexico and Canada.

Trump accused the Democratic Party of desiring weak borders that cause chaos to the country. He also called out the South American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras for exercising no control over their populations.

Trump alleged many of the immigrants that travel from the South American countries to America come to be criminals. He ended the tirade with the warning that financial aid will be cut-off to these countries. And if this doesn’t motivate Mexico to fix the problem itself, he will then use the might of the United States military to secure the southern border of the United States.

The Tweets from the president came at the same time that a caravan of 4000 people traveled from Honduras in the direction of the border Mexico shares with the United States.

The American government contributed $248 million in aid to Guatemala in 2017. It also contributed $175 million in aid to Honduras and another $115 million to El Salvador. President Trump is considering withholding all further aid due to concerns over the caravan.

President Trump mentioned back in April that he might consider using the military to secure the Mexican border until a wall is built. He says he has discussed the possibility with Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

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