Preparing for Employee Green Card Interview

Preparing for Employee Green Card Interview
Deciding to move to another country to pursue your career is not an easy choice. As part of your decision to move, you’ll have to undergo a green card interview and get approved for one. As of 2017, this now requires an in-person interview for you and any family which is applying for derivative green cards. When preparing for your interview at one of the USCIS Field Offices, there are some necessary preparations you’ll want to take.

Start by Reading the Documentation Provided by the USCIS
Any good employment immigration lawyer can help you understand all of these legal documents if you have trouble. They will reveal the date and time of the interview that you have. You’ll be given a list of necessary documents that you’ll need to bring along with you to the interview. It can be very helpful to organize these documents so that your interview goes smoothly without much hesitation for finding documents.

Make Sure You Have Current Documents From Your Employer
As part of the employee green card application, you’ll need to have proof of ongoing employment with the sponsoring employer. A good employment attorney Pasadena can help you prepare these documents to ensure that they are adequate for the interview. You’ll need things like a letter confirming your job offer, paystubs, and your recent tax returns.

Go Over Your Entire Immigration Record
Your employment immigration attorney can help you go through your entire immigration record. Any trips that you have taken to the United States in the past may be of topic with the interviewing officer. They will be asking you many questions regarding your past immigration history to determine if you have worked without authorization in the past. It’s best to look at your immigration history and take the time to remember what each trip was about. The quicker you can answer the officer and provide them with proof of what your trips involved, the smoother your interview will go.

Practicing is Key
Interviews can make us all a little nervous. This holds especially true when a big job offer is on the line. An immigration lawyer Pasadenacan help you to become more familiar with the interview process. They can go through the likely interview questions you’ll hear from the interviewing office and run through them with you. They can help you gather up supporting documents for anything you need to ensure that your interview is a success.

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