Permanent Workers

Each year, the U.S. government makes available 140,000 immigrant visas to individuals wanting to enter the United States based on their job skills. These visas, specified for aliens and their spouses and children, allow those who have combinations of job skills, education, and work experience the chance to obtain permanent residency in the United States. However, since there are five categories of visas, it is crucial to work with an employment immigration lawyer who understands this process, such as Alami Law.

Labor Certifications

While some immigrant visa preferences do not require applicants to have job offers from U.S. employers, others make this a requirement. When this is the case, the employer will act as the sponsor of the person seeking the visa. In these instances, the employer must obtain labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor prior to submitting a USCIS petition. By obtaining the certification, important information is verified, such as there is an insufficient number of qualified U.S. workers for certain positions and that hiring foreign workers will not have a negative impact on U.S. workers employed in these positions. To make sure all paperwork is correct, always work with an employment immigration attorney from Alami Law who has experience in these matters.

Extraordinary Abilities
When working with an employment attorney Pasadena residents know is experienced in these situations, it will be important to verify if a visa applicant has what are considered “extraordinary abilities” in certain areas, such as athletics or entertainment. This will be important for an immigration lawyer Pasadena residents know and trust to prove, since doing so will eliminate the need for labor certification. Therefore, always work with an employment immigration lawyer who knows how to use this to the advantage of their clients.

Special Immigrants
As the fourth preference category for immigrant visas, EB-4 is for those individuals who are classified as “special immigrants.” These include religious workers, alien minors who are wards of U.S. courts, and employees of U.S. foreign service posts. Like visas for those with extraordinary abilities, no labor certification is required in these situations. Therefore, work with an immigration lawyer Pasadena residents know understands the complexities of these laws, such as attorneys from Alami Law.

By working with an employment immigration attorney who deals with these cases regularly, mistakes can be avoided. Therefore, consult with Alami Law, an employment attorney Pasadena clients know will fight for their rights.

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