Obtaining U.S. Citizenship Through Parents

Obtaining U.S. Citizenship Through Parents
While Congress has enacted laws determining how a person can obtain U.S. citizenship through their parents, the process can still be complex. Generally, citizenship can be obtained at birth or after birth prior to a child’s 18th birthday. However, since the laws also contain specifics as to whether parents are required to be U.S. citizens, how long parents have resided in the United States, and other factors, it is important to work with a naturalization lawyer Pasadena clients know and trust with their cases, such as the lawyers at Alami Law.

Qualifying for Acquisition of Citizenship
To qualify for citizenship, it will hinge on whatever laws are in place at the time of the child’s birth. Since these laws are always subject to change by Congress, always consult a Pasadena naturalization attorney who is informed of the latest laws and rulings in these cases, such as those at Alami Law. As of now, the definition of a child as it pertains to obtaining citizenship is a non-married individual who is classified as generic, legitimated, or adopted by a U.S. citizen, or is the child of a non-related U.S. citizen mother who is recognized as the child’s legal parent.

Section 320 of Immigration and Nationality Act

Under this section, a child not born in the U.S. but now living in the U.S may acquire citizenship by meeting the following criteria:

  • One parent classified as U.S. citizen
  • Be no older than 17 years old
  • Being Lawful Permanent Resident
  • Be in custody of parents who are U.S. citizens

If any of these areas are in dispute, contact a Pasadena citizenship lawyer at Alami Law.

INA Section 322
Pertaining to those who are children of U.S. citizens but who are now living abroad, these children can become citizens by
Having one U.S. citizen parent
Having parents or grandparents meeting specified requirements
Be no older than age 17
Child resides in custody of U.S. citizen parent
Child has lawful status in U.S. when application is approved

Since there are numerous rules and regulations associated with the Immigration and Nationality Act, do not try to navigate this process on your own. Since even the slightest mistake on an application can delay this process and put plans that have been years in the making in jeopardy, put your trust in an  immigration lawyer Pasadena residents have complete confidence in, such as the legal professionals at Alami Law.

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